Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2015

Things you didn't know about me

Now that my blog is online for over a year now, I think it's time to unveil the truest 'me'. 
But as you are now about to get to know me, I thought it would be fun as well if you left that one or other funny fact about youself. Nevertheless, I want to learn something about my faithful readers as well.
  1. My real name is not Lifting Fairy, but Jennifer... (sorry for that haha)
  2. I am also not Batman
  3. I cannot fly but I can lift
  4. I don't own fairy dust , but I got protein powder, which is way better actually. 

Just kidding... here are some real facts about me

  1. My very first pet was a bunny, called Speed. But he wasn't a normal dwarf-bunny, he was more a mixture of a real rabbit and a dwarf bunny. 
  2. I had two lovely fluffyballs before Mumble. Balu and Pumba, also Bernese Mountain Dogs that I loved endlessly. ( Run Free my loves) 
  3. I did gymnastics for 12 years and own a lot of medals (so proud about that)
  4. I did athletics for one summer season. Even though I loved it very much, it was just too cold to go outside in winter for a run or even for cross-run... I definitely hate sports outside, in Winter of course. 
  5. I have a Jazz Dance Diploma from the 'Conservatoire du Luxembourg' with a grande distinction.
  6. I thaught Pole Dance to myself and taught beginner classes for almost 3 years
  7. People used to call me 'little dutch' because I had very white-blonde hair, deep blue eyes and a tanned skin all the time. (unfortunately not anymore)
  8. My best friend (except my sister) was my first friend and we met right after her birth. (Because I was born in April and she in May)
  9. In 3rd grade I almost cut off a finger due to a dare. The thing I had to throw turned out to be glass and not plastics... whoops. 
  10. I'm a little maniac for cleaning and tidying up, already had that when I was very young. 
  11. I used to believe that when the airbag in the car bursts, sandwiches would pop out. This was actually because I used to place my feet on the airbag when I could sit in front and to prevent me from doing this my mum told me that the airbag might open and then the sandwiches will fly through the car. ( The sandwiches were actually lying ON the cupboard... so it was a big misunderstanding haha) 
  12. When I was a little fairy I never touched my navel because I thought my butt would fell of... ( yep you may laugh that's really funny haha) 
  13. I have a huge fear of hornets and wasps because I was  tung by a huge hornet that almost killed me as the sting was near the heart... So no matter where I am, and I really mean NO MATTER WHERE, when a wasp or hornet appears I am running away... sorrynotsorry
  14.  When I get a laughing fit I sound like a guinea pig at its loudest squeaking.
So I think that's enough, otherwise it gets a bit too weird over here. 
I hope you had that one or other good laugh, and I bet with the navel thing and the butt, right? 

I'm looking forward to your funny facts.
Bikini posing at an early age
once a fairy, always a fairy
Me and my best and oldest friend, Nora
Sports; Gymnastics, Rollerblading & Snowboarding
Gymnastics ( I'm the very left) 
Jazz Dancing (front right) 
Pole Dancing during a show

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