Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2014

Review: Flavor God Seasonings

I have been following FlavorGod seasonings on Instagram for a long time now, and two weeks ago, Ken and I finally decided to give them a try. We both love to spice our meals, and as we try to eat low-salt, these seasonings seemed pretty perfect for us. Further, I have read a lot of positive reviews on athlete's profiles who also use these herbs to spice their plates.
When I saw the current offers they had, it was of course beyond dispute that we benefitted from the Pizza Combo Set offer. What comes in this combo are 4 different spices along with a PIZZA spice... Just imagine if your chicken steak or your broccoli tasted like pizza... heavenly.

You may wonder what's so special about these seasonings as you get so many different ones in your local grocery store?
Flavor God seasonings are chemical and filler free, low-salt and sugar-free herbs and spices, created and invented by Chris Wallace. Plus, what matters most to him (and the company) is the health of people and the food we eat on a daily basis, therefor sacrificing the nutritional value has never been an option for them.

The shipping took a little longer than expected, but the waiting was totally worth it.  I can't picture myself buying any other spices anymore. I literally put these seasonings on anything you can think of. Just comparing what you pour out of that bottle to what you would buy at a grocery store, you can experience a huge difference in the ingredients for the better. The seasonings are of a great quality, and the bottle is a lot larger than comparable spice blends. Even if they are low-salt, they pack plenty of flavor. Another plus of this brand is that the seasonings are made by a hard working person who gained popularity from inventing seasonings that are natural, low in sodium, and targeted at the health conscious. That's one of the things I mind the most when I buy such things , especially when I discover them on a social media like Instagram. 

What comes in this combo, beside the pizza spice , is a 'Garlic Lover's' , 'Lemon & Garlic' , 'Everything Spicy', and 'Everything' seasoning. Mainly I spike my fishy meals with the garlic seasonings, I really like the lemon&garlic seasoning along with the salmon, it tastes just heavenly.
As I don't really like spicy food, I don't use the 'Everything Spicy' that often, however Ken thinks it's just delicious along with his beef steaks. I prefer the normal 'everything seasoning' for my chicken, turkey and beef. Not forgetting that you can also spice up your vegetables with these seasonings.

I would highly suggest following him on Instagram if you want some tasty and healthy recipes. I am so thankful that he invented such amazing flavors, that are definitely worth their prize and also worth a try. Seriously, I think I am never going to buy any other seasoning in a grocery store, they definitely can't keep up with Flavor God Seasonings at all.
All the seasonings
1 tbsp is already enough to spice your meat
Using 'everything seasoning' for my green beans and turkey steak


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