Montag, 27. Juli 2015

Back on Track

Happy to hit the gym again

You all know how addicted I am to sports and to those heavy a** weights, don't you? 

But after many straining gym-sessions from January on, it felt really good to take a week off from the gym. My body was already screaming for a rest and made me feel it by giving me some aches here and there.
Usually you're supposed to take a break every 8-10 weeks, but as I was preparing for my competitions and afterwards for the guest-posings, I couldn't go on a break earlier.

To be honest, it felt quite awkward to leave for work in the morning without packing my gym bag and going home straight from the office without hitting the gym.
While the first two days felt like freedom with a slight feeling of having forgotten something all the time (because I didn't have to pack my gym-bag), the last two days were filled with boredom and I couldn't wait for Monday to arrive. Yes, you heard right, I was looking forward to a Monday. 

This 'off'-week' made me realize how my actual 'free time' has turned into my 'gym time' . Even though that's not a sacrifice for me as I love it, but now I have a slight idea of why people tell me that I am training too long or too much.

But you know what? I simply don't care haha. 
I am so looking forward to hit the gym this evening again and kill my legs. 

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