Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2014

Dirty Nike Flyknit

Hey my dear! 
As some of you already know I am a little +Nike addict! I love their sportswear and especially the shoes! I got 2 pairs of nike shoes, the normal Nike Freerun 5.0 and Nike Freerun Flyknit... But the problem is, they get dirty so fast! It's normal for the Freeruns because I also wear them when I take a walk with my dog, but my Flyknits already lost their bright colors and I only have them for about 6 months now. And, another big problem, which is also my own fault, the sole has become so damn dirty... Because I never wore socks in them, whoops!
So not only are they dirty, but they don't smell that good anymore... shame on me!

That's why I decided to clean them. Initially I wanted to put them in a wash-back, but then I wasn't sure if I could really do this and since I haven't found any review on washing Flyknits in a washing-machine, thus I decided to wash them by hand. 
First of all I took out the sole and laid them in hot water in the sink along with some normal dish soap. Then,to get the dirt from the sole I used a normal sponge and rubbed the dirt off with the rougher side of it. And what a surprise, it worked! 

If you have dirt or blemishes on the shoes themselves you can do the same thing as with the soles. The same goes with the laces, just take them off and wash them in the water along with the soap. But make sure that you don't pull strings, otherwise you will ruin your whole shoe!!! VERY IMPORTANT! 

After cleaning the dirt and the spots from your shoes, you can lay them in water again together with good smelling soap if your shoes still stink a little bit. I used my normal shower gel, because I love that smell!
After that you can either suspend the soles, shoes and laces on a clothesline or you just lay them on a towel and you let them air-dry. 

Et voilà! That's it already... If you have a Nike Sensor, make sure to take it out as well before you start cleaning them as I have no idea whether it is waterproof or not. 

I hope this helps some people out there who have the same 'problem' as I had. If you don't have Flyknits already, you can get similar ones HERE

Have a nice rest of your day! 

Left: Not cleaned yet / Right: After rubbing with the sponge. I did my best...

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