Freitag, 27. Februar 2015


#TGIF... right?
Normally I am not a person who waits for the weekend from Monday on, because although I have to get up early on weekends in order to not mess with my body's rhythm, I love every day of the week because I am working out 6 times a week so that's not a problem for me.
But THIS week, I felt so sluggish and lazy and tired all the time that even after taking my super duper booster I still felt lethargic. I know that I have a little vitamin D deficiency, but I am not sure if that's the problem or not. I have to work it out with my coach this weekend, maybe he has some tips on how to fight this tiredness.

Fortunately (perish the thought!!), I didn't catch any flu or cold , because my whole surrounding is slowly ''fading away'' due to bacterial or viral infections. I just try to stay away from such people and avoid bigger crowds... Yep the time to become super antisocial starts again haha

I always tell people that when the competition season is coming closer that I am becoming very anti social. First of all I don't have the time nor the energy to go somewhere as I am busy working, training and meal prepping; Second wherever you go is delicious food, whether you go on a shopping spree (when your company wants to have a coffee at a super delicious cupcake bar) or at the cinema (oh gosh I want candies...) and of course in the restaurant. Yes I know you can also have a healthy meal in the restaurant, but I have to weigh out my food... and I can't start taking out my scale to weigh the meat, carbs and veggies... Even if the face of the waiter would be worth it ;) Seriously have to try this once the season is over,just for the sake of fun.
But until then, no social life for me... #athletescanrelate

 I am more than thankful that social media exists, so that I can still keep in touch with the world
This weekend we also have our annual team meeting at the Powerfood's J-M.B shop , where our president and coach , JMB, is going to introduce our new team members and we are talking about this year's competitions and who can pitch in for the J-M.B Open. If you know someone or if you maybe want to help us, just leave a note, we are happy about every helping hand for this event. 

Before I am starting my weekend , filled with a meeting, gym visits and meal prepping, here are my 9 favorite pumping fairies of the week.
1. t_veronique  is all happy about the new arrival. Awesome color!
2. carolegoerend , you can be so proud about your transformation! Keepup the good work. 
3. mary__b has fish for lunch
4. lauragetsfit.14 got herself a new pair of fancy running shoes by brooks.  
5. m.egan__ enjoying and making us so jealous with epic piece of heaven
6. xeniia_93 and her better bodies pants. Love them!
7. jimmy_nutella smiling for the camera hehe (#sorrynotsorry hrhr)
8. urbanvalyou after her JMB workouts. I know how you feel sweetheart! 
9. caro_rouge on her legday, go get'em 
There is no denying that the fitness competition industry is growing. More and more people are taking the plunge to go through a competition prep and step on stage for the very first time. New organizations are popping up to cater to the ever growing crowd and with the help of the internet we have access to some of the newest, latest and most up to date information in regards to, training, nutrition, and supplementation. Of course, on top of this it is now much easier to access coaches all around the world who have the formal education and experience to back up their coaching protocols. - See more at:

Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015

Arnold Classics X PIBA

Have you every heard of the annual Arnold Classics Championships?
Well, if not..

The Arnold Classics, also know as Arnold Sport Festival (ASF)  is a multidisciplinary sports event that was first held in 1989 and is named after , yes right... Arnold Schwarzenegger. It took place at the end of February or beginning of March and has historically focused on bodybuilding and fitness and figure competition.
Since 2002, a strongman competition is also featured, namely the Arnold Strongman Classic.

But the Arnold Classics are not only a competition, but it is , just like the FIBO, also a festival and exhibition for the latest supplements, fitness equipments, gym apparel and more. The entertainment at the ASF is very unique since the weekend is filled with competitions and shows to make the Arnold Classic EXPO the heart of the Arnold Classic multi-sport festival weekend.

This year, the ASF will be held in Melbourne, Australia from the 13th to 15th of March at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center. With only 25$ per day, you can have a great weekend at the expo.
There's the Arnold Strongman Classic competition and the prejudging for the Bikini International and Figure International competitions. Further, there will be other highlights like the Arnold Weightlifting & Powerlifting, the Arnold Arm-wrestling, the Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding finals, Cross-fit, martial arts that involve 10 disciplines, and much more. 

The reason why I tell you this is because; 
First of all I am a huge Arni-fan, I think he was one of the best bodybuilders ever, his physique was just outstanding.
Second, I always want to inform people about competition weekends to give them a better understanding of what these competitions are about. I want bodybuilding to be unprejudiced among people. 

Third, as I am the first and so far only European ambassador for PIBA, and as PIBA comes from Australia, I take it as my obligation to tell you that they just released their new collection inspired by this year's Arnold Classics in Melbourne, Australia. The collection is called, guess what?... CONQUER ! 
They offer six types of training tights called Arnold; SheHulk; WhiteDragon; BeastMode; HeavyWeight and Leopard, five crop tanks (XXXXL, I Don't Even, Flex, Few Days Out and an Arnold Crop Tank as well) and of course two normal tank tops. 
Here is the direct link to the new collection, and while scrolling through the new collection, don't forget to stop by the 'Wild At Heart' Collection which is still available. 

And DON'T FORGET to use my promo-code to get 10% off your purchase >> JENNIFER10%OFF <<. The code is available for every collection and every item.

Enjoy your week and conquer the iron. 
Conquer outfit: Arnold tights, Arnold crop top and conquer tanktop
Arnold Conquer tights
They see me rowin'... They hatin'

Montag, 23. Februar 2015

Review: Unbroken Designs Jewelery

How can a heavy-lifter best represent his/her lifestyle?
Yes... by wearing bodybuilding clothes, by running errands in sweatpants and hoodies all day long... and, you're right, also by carrying around tons of tupperware lunch boxes filled with chicken and rice...okay I got it...
But there is still one thing missing: a jewelry piece that's representative of our lifestyle.

I got a cute little parcel from the United States last week that I want to share with you today.
Inside of the box was a necklace with two charms by Unbroken Designs. Maybe some of you have already took a glimpse at  their profile on Instagram? I admit, I'm an Insta-victim.

I was very curious about the quality of the necklace and of the charms, because usually these little thingies always look very high quality on pictures, but once you're holding it in your hand it feels cheap and fragile.
But to my delight, Unbroken Design convinced me and I am proud that I got this necklace now.

The package included a little box where the necklace and the charms were packed in. 
The charm is a 18''ball-chain and a 3'' extender chain with a large gunmetal kettle-bell charm, labelled with '24kg' and a vertical barbell are hanging on. 
Instantly I realized that the 'Livin That Life' necklace was heavier than expected and the quality was even greater. They are definitely not made of plastic and I think even though they seem heavy, you are not going to have neck-pain when wearing them. After all you lift, right? So a necklace shouldn't be a problem.

I think that it's the perfect way to discretely show your love for fitness, whether you are a bodybuilder, cross-fitter, or fitness model, this will be the perfect statement necklace for you. 
The shipping only took a little more than a week as it comes from the US, but I am convinced that the quality and the design of the necklace are totally worth it.

Oh and besides jewelery, they also have a wide range of fitness-gear like lifting belts, compression arm sleeves, power knee sleeves, weight vests but also fitness apparel and key chains. So just have a look at their website (here). I am sure you are going to find the perfect match for you.
Matches every outfit

From where I sit
Large gunmetal kettlebell charm with 24 kg printed on the front. Accompanied by the vertical barbell charm on 18" ballchain and 3" extender chain. Kettlebell Charm on the Necklace Back. Perfect way to show your love for fitness with your outfit. Whether bodybuilding, Crossfit, fitness modeling, or cross training, this is the piece for you!

Follow us on Instagram! @UnbrokenDesigns
Twitter @UnbrokenDSG 
- See more at:
Large gunmetal kettlebell charm with 24 kg printed on the front. Accompanied by the vertical barbell charm on 18" ballchain and 3" extender chain. Kettlebell Charm on the Necklace Back. Perfect way to show your love for fitness with your outfit. Whether bodybuilding, Crossfit, fitness modeling, or cross training, this is the piece for you!

Follow us on Instagram! @UnbrokenDesigns
Twitter @UnbrokenDSG 
- See more at:
Large gunmetal kettlebell charm with 24 kg printed on the front. Accompanied by the vertical barbell charm on 18" ballchain and 3" extender chain. Kettlebell Charm on the Necklace Back. Perfect way to show your love for fitness with your outfit. Whether bodybuilding, Crossfit, fitness modeling, or cross training, this is the piece for you!

Follow us on Instagram! @UnbrokenDesigns
Twitter @UnbrokenDSG 
- See more at:

Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

Pumpingsession on Sunday

Usually I spend my Sundays at home cleaning the house, doing the laundry (mostly gym clothes) and recovering from my workouts. 

But now that my coach changed my training plan, I have to workout six times a week to get more shredded than last season. Yes I know this might sound very hard for some of you but it will be totally worth it. #nopainnogain, right?

My life has changed so much during the last year. I could never have imagined that I would spend my Friday and Saturday nights at home on the couch recovering, to make sure I'm not too tired the days after... But now we are here... I even spend my sunday afternoon in the gym to hit the 6th workout of the week.

Back in the days I was lying on the couch recovering from the party the day before. 
But to be honest, I don't miss anything about it. When I look at all those people working off their butts in the gym during the week, paying attention to their alimentation and on weekends they drink alcohol, eat crap and turn their body's rhythm upside down and mostly destroying the progress they made during the week, well then I really prefer to get up early in the morning, have my healthy breakfast,feel good and fit...but most of all feel HEALTHY. 

If you want to suceed , you have to leave your old and bad habits behind you and move on... Even if this means to give up that one or another bit of your social life... but hey friends will come and go, ' but 200 pounds will always be 200 pounds'.

That being said, I hope you enjoy my video. Leave a message on my channel and enjoy the last hours of your sunday evening.

Freitag, 20. Februar 2015


Who has some exciting and interesting plans for the weekend? 

I will accompany my sister to my coach as she is going to have her very first official check up after the first two weeks. Comey handy because I also need to check my form and body fat percentage as we only have 5 weeks left for the 'Top de Colmar' in France, which is my opening-competition for this season.

After the check up, I will hit my pump-day in the gym and Sammie will come with me to video-tape my workout since I realized that I mostly record my leg sessions... Perhaps because it's my absolute favorite training-routine.

Besides from that, I am delighted to tell you that we can count another boy in our pumpingfairy gang this week , which is a good thing as boys can also be very motivating when it comes to reaching a goal. 
And while there have been some questions, I wanted to clear some things up: EVERYONE can join our little fitfam, expect for haters, nay-sayers etc, meaning all negative people... Because we want to motivate and support each other, right? Feel free to join us by simply using the hashtag #pumpingfairy for your fitness-&health related posts on your Instagram account (make sure it's public so I can find you).

In the hopes that you are going to have a marvelous weekend, here are my 9 favorites of the week. Feel free to join us. 

1. jimmy_nutella cooking on the 39th day of the 12 week muscle building program.
2. caro_rouge hitting the gym on V-day.
3. myveganlife85 has decided to definitely stay on the clean eating side. I am happy for you!
4. m.egan__ enjoying her delicious sushi-cheat meal with her brother. You're making us jealous my dear hihi
5. xeniia_93 had white yoghurt with banana, blueberries and raspberries along with a green lemon tea.
6. sarah_48612 chilling with her cat luna on the couch after a great workout
7. lauragetsfit.14 has bloog oranges and banana for breakfast
8. carolegoerend taking a before-leg-day-selfie
9. urbanvalyou had her first checkup yesterday

Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2015

A Fairy's Essentials

Well my loves, you know that I also have a life outside of the gym, and that I am just like every other girl, I love to put on make-up. And I love to spend hours trying out different variations , but without the right equipment it doesn't work. 

 Normally I don't spend that much money on make-up stuff because I am mostly at the gym or at home recovering from my gym-sessions and preparing meals. But when I leave the house, for work or for a shopping-trip, I prefer to get dressed up a bit and put on some make-up, still I am not a fashion-grinch . 

And now that I entered the working-world, I thought it would be the perfect occasion to throw away my old low-budget-make-up-brushes and get better ones ,by DaVinci. I read a lot of positive reviews, so even though they are quite expensive, I think it's a good investment. And I definitely need better make-up brushes to put on my stage-make-up ( great jenny... go on justifying yourself..)

Of course I bought the whole set,which contains a big brush for powder-makeup, a smaller brush to apply rouge, another small brush for liquid foundations. For the eyes there are 4 different tools, a brush for the eyeshadow, one for the eyeliner or thinner lines, a blender and also a brush for your lashes and eyebrows. And not to forget a very tiny brush to put your lipstick and draw thin lines to make your lips' form stand out even more.

I was amazed by the brushes at the first try, they feel so soft and smooth. It's so much easier to apply your makeup with good brushes and my 'everyday-smokey-eyes' turned out to be absolutely fantastic (in my opinion, as I am not a professional). 

I can't wait for the competition-season to begin. I kind of love those preparation-rituals before the big moment, when you get up early (even if I hate getting up early) , wash your hair, style your hair, and then start with your make-up.Maybe you remember that I hired a professional makeup artist for my first competition (post here)? Well, I draw some inspiration from that makeup for the two following competitions. And as I will spend my morning at the hairdresser's already to get my hair perfectly done (for the J-M.B Open here in Luxembourg), I am not sure if I should put on the make-up myself again or not...

What do you think? 
If you have any suggestions concerning make-up artist that come to my home, please let me know. 
For the blush
For the Foundation
The eyeshadow-brush and the grinder
Everyday-smokey eyes
Tiny brush for your lips
My daily make-up
The final result

Montag, 16. Februar 2015

Impressions of the J-M.B Legday

Finally I managed to upload my very first HQ video on my YouTube channel... weehhh

As I bought a new camera weeks ago, the Sony alpha 5100 (get it here), I can now video-tape some of my workouts and share them with you in a HD-Quality. 
I know that I still have to improve my film editing-skills, but I think as a first attempt, it hasn't turned out that bad. And my lovely sister did a very good job video-taping me, didn't she?

Even though I have to figure out how to solve the problem with that switch between landscape-&vertical-format... That's kind of annoying if you always have to bend your head. I should have read the operating instructions of the camera first, oops. 

I am also thinking about sharing some impressions of my preparation once a week to give you a more realistic and personal insight of my journey. What do you think?

If you have any suggestions or tips on how to improve my video-shoots,I am always open to a constructive feedback.Enjoy the movie and don't forget to leave a comment on my new-born YouTube-Fairy-Channel.

Much love, your Lifting Fairy.

J-M.B Extreme Legsession

Powerfood's J-M.B

I think I have never experienced such a painful muscle soreness than I have since yesterday... The reason: my boyfriend and I had an extreme legsession at our coach's home-gym. 
J-M asked us to hit a leg-training together with him to check if our intensity and form were okay.

Before, I was convinced that the intensity of my workouts was fairly good, but my coach really pushed me to my limits. It's a pity that we can't train together that often, since I realized that I train even heavier when someone is there to help me get through that last rep. And I guess I would improve my muscle volume and definition even more if I had such a bad-ass gym buddy for each and every work out.
Unfortunately my boyfriend and I can't train together anymore, due to our different work-schedules,so I rather prefer to train on my own than with someone that can't motivate or push me the way I need it (military-drill like).

We started the routine with a superset of leg-curls and leg-press and I was already dying because my coach has these very old-school machines that don't help you at all during the exercise. So I had to decrease the weights to actually perform the movement properly. He also has a leg-press that I have never seen before. Usually you sit straight up in the chair and only push with your legs... In his leg-press you are lying on your back and pushing the weights up at a 90 degree angle, which works your glutes even more considering that you can't help with your hips or back. He told me that it's better to press the weights explosively and come back in a controlled slow-motion, the same goes for the lying leg-curl and the leg-extension.

Afterwards, I did some squats together with backwards lunges. And here again I learned something new:  If you perform the squats at the Smith machine, you adjust the barbell on your shoulders, remove it from the holders, move as much forward as possible so you can perform a real proper and deep squat that goes right into your glutes. Usually I squat with 20 kg , barbell included. Here, I only squatted with 15kg and my legs were shaking heavily, which made the backwards lunges even harder.

We finished the leg-workout with some step-up lunges and leg-extensions. My quads were burning like hell... I felt like I have never lifted before because even with less weights I hardly managed to carry out the exercise.

On the calf press I even managed to press a little more weight than usually, which I am clearly feeling today while walking stairs.To finish did some abs exercises like planks and crunches,which is not a nice thing to do when your legs and butt are shaking like crazy. And last but not least my intensive interval-routine on the bicycle to finish my legs.

All in all, I was very happy that my coach was satisfied with my routines and that I never gave up nor complained even if I was running empty at the end of every single set. Surprisingly, I was still feeling energized and even more motivated to dig deeper and train harder during the next workouts, whether it's shoulders-,back-,biceps- or triceps-day.
My coach motivated me and bolstered me up that I can train even harder and that I should get rid of the fear that I could hurt myself. He suggested me; when I feel like quitting for the last 5 reps, I should pause for a second or two and do another two reps, pause 2 seconds and do the last reps. This way, I would be able to surpass my fear and improve my muscle quality.

I definitely take his advises and tips to heart and put them into practice during my next workouts, even if it means to have constant muscle soreness... That's the only way I can surpass myself and rock the stage by the end of March. #NopainNogain 

For more pictures, visit my Facebook page.
Lying (or should I say Dying) Legcurls
Ken pausing from the calfpress
Alternate Legcurls
Squats, ass to the grass
You sneaky one
Shaking legs during the planks

Freitag, 13. Februar 2015


Hey guys, how was your week?
Have you been productive or just doing the usual stuff?

My week was like always... lifting heavy in the gym, meal prepping and going to work. And I even had a rest day this week, on Wednesday. Normally I don't rest during the week and take my rest days on the weekends,as the it's the only time I can do other things than working, mealprepping and training.

But this week I had to, because my boyfriend and I are going to hit a gym-session with out coach.. and guess when...On Saturday...Valentine's day. Thus, instead of going out for dinner, which wasn't really an option as I have to stick to my diet-plan, and Ken has a night-shift that starts at 9pm already, we are going to have a badass 'romantic' heavy weightlifting session at our coach's personal home-gym in the early afternoon.

I think I will need a walking support for the whole next week as I am going to hit my second leg-session, which is already heavier than the first one. I am going to die...
Even though, I am already looking forward because I want to know if I am training heavy enough or not, and if my form is always propper or if there are still some tiny improvements to be done. 

So while I am all of a dither and curious about our 'valentine's session' , what are your plans for the day of love this weekend? Hitting the gym with your beloved, going out for dinner, preparing a beautiful candle-light-dinner at home...?

I also thought that it would be kind of a cool idea to have a special  #pumpingfairy edition. Therefor, instead of the usual #pumpingfairy hashtag I ask you to use the valentine's hashtag #lovefairy to create a special valentine's day edition for next Friday. Oh and I almost forgot to tell you that we can welcome the first BOY , Stefan l. , in our little army which seems to grow slowly.

Spread the word my lifting fairies.
1. Flouwelsch 's post gym selfie 
2. Stefan2186 on a late night training session
3. Sarah_48612 is happy to have a small gym at her working place
4. Myveganlife85 at 7am in the gym. that's what I call motivation.
5. Xeniia_93 won her fight against oreo cookies. That's a really tough battle, I am proud of you hihi
6. Lauragetsfit.14 is visibly progressing. Keep up the good work girl!
7. Aline_janie created some delicious protein pancakes. nomnomnom
8. Mary__b preparing her meals for the week. That's how it works. 
9. Alexscastle has been on a new 'diet' since last weeks and her results speak for themselves. great work honey.

Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2015

PIBA Tanzania x Legsession

Sumo Squat proofed
As some of you have seen on Monday, I have been legaday-rocking my new PIBA tights called Tanzania.
Now that I have them for almost 2 weeks, and have already made positive experience with this new collection, I decided to make a little post about the concept of the collection, even though it is online for quite some time now and I am sure that you have seen that one or another design.

The collection is called 'wild at heart' and celebrates different super women from different member states of South Africa like Madagascar, Botswana, Tanzania, Congo, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Kenya, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. 
  • Madagascar:
 This print celebrates Gisèle Rabesahala. She was one of the leaders o the struggle for Madagascar's independence. Gisèle was a journalist and political activist who founded the newspaper Imongo Vaovao. She was also the first Malagasy woman elected in 1958 as a representative for the City Council of Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar.
  • Botswana:
These tights represent Unity Dow. Unity is a judge, human rights activist and writer from Botswana. In 1991, she co-founded the private Baobab Primary School in Gaborone, which remains one of the best primary schools in Botswana. She also co-founded the firs AIDS.specific NGO in the country 'AIDS ACTION TRUST'. She became Botswana's first female High Court judge and in 2010 she was awarded the French Medal of the 'Légion d'honneur de France'.
  • Tanzania:
Dame Jane Morris Goodall is represented with this print. Jane is an English primatologist, ethologist , anthropologist and UN Messenger of Peace. Considered to be the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees, Goodall is best know for her 45-year study of social and family interactions of child chimpanzees in Gombe Stream National park, Tanzania.
  • Congo:
These tights celebrate Neema Namadamu. Born in the remote tribal region of Itombwe in Eastern DR of Congo, Neema grew up in primitive conditions and at age two was diagnosed with polio. She was the second woman from her tribe to graduate from Congo's national university and the first woman with disabilities to graduate from college. She currently runs a Media Training Center that gets educated women connected online to share their stories and solution for change through an organization called 'World Pulse'.
  • Cape Verde:
This print represents Isménia do Frederico. Isménia is an Olympian sprinter and first competed for Cape Verde at the 1993 World Championships where she ran the 100meters in 13.03 seconds. 3 years later at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Do Frederico made history bye becoming the first female athlete to represent Cape Verde at the Olympic games. 
  • Mozambique:
Garça Machel is celebrated with this design. She is a Mozambican politician, humanitarian and an international advocate for women's and children's rights. In 1997, she was made a British dame for her humanitarian work. Garça is the only woman in history to have been first lady of two separate republics, serving as the First Lady of Mozambique from 1975 to 1986 and the First Lady of South Africa from 1998 to 1999.
  • Kenya:
This design represents Wangari Muta Maathai. Wangari was a Kenyan environmental and political activist who founded in the 1970's the Green Belt Movement, an environmental non-governmental organization focused on the planting of trees, environmental conservation and women's rights. In 1986, she was awarded the Right Livelihood Award and in 2004 , she became the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace.
  • Rwanda:
 The 'Rwanda'-tights celebrate Dian Fossey, who was an American zoologist, primatologist and anthropologist who undertook an extensive study of gorilla groups over a period of 18 years. She studied them daily in the mountain forest of Rwanda. By 1980, Dian had obtained her PhD at Cambridge University and was recognized as the world's leading authority on the physiology and behavior of mountain gorillas. Her book 'Gorillas in the Mist' remains the best-selling book about gorillas.
  • Zimbabwe:
With this print, PIBA celebrates Divine Ndhlukula, the founder and Managing Director of SECURICO, one of Zimbabwe's largest security companies. The Harare-based outfit is a market leader in the provision of bespoke guardian services and cutting-edge electronic security solutions. Divine has a great passion for women's economic and social empowerment and involves herself in a number of women organizations. Through her conscious an deliberate efforts, women are now accepted in the security sector with her company employing more than 900 women, arguably the largest employer of women in Zimbabwe outside civil service.

Now that you know the story behind each tights, I am sure that you got inspired by all these super women. I ordered the Tanzania tights, not only because of the story but also due to the different prints of animals (pythons, tigers and leopards). I think they perfectly match the different strengths of those three animals: Velocity, Power and grace.

To convince yourself that these products are worth their money, have a look at my review about my first PIBA tights, called 'mermaid'. You won't regret your purchase, believe me.
If you are decided now to order one of these tights, make sure to use my promo code JENNIFER10%OFF to get a 10% discount on your purchase.

Sumo Squats
Hackenschmidt Squats, new record: 40kg
Lunges proofed

If you still look pretty during your workout, then you are not lifting heavy enough. (My usual face-expression during legsession )
And there I go... bye... haha
Standing Calfpress, I see some progress in my calves. yay

Montag, 9. Februar 2015

Impressions Of a Fairy's Weekend

Annoyed because my hair was so electric this weekend...

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special, or just couch-potatoeing at home?
Compared to the last weekend I was highly productive.
If you have been on my Instagram-account lately, you already know that Saturday was kind of an exciting day for me. Along with other bloggers from Luxembourg, I was interviewed by our local TV-channel, namely RTL, about the development of the blogger-scene here in little Luxembourg. The interview was held in a very original cafe called 'Konrad', which I haven't know until Saturday. Honestly, I was so excited because being interviewed without knowing what they are about to ask you is pretty thrilling. But so far, I think that we did a pretty good job and we all had a lot of fun with Nora M. interviewing us. I hope that we will see each other again very soon. Even though the others were enjoying delicious pieces of cake, cookies, lattes or hot chocolate, I was just sitting there with my lunch-boxes by 6PackFitness and eating my raspberries and drinking water. I will surely go back to try out their cakes and cookies when the season is over in 3 or 4 months.

On Sunday I actually wanted to be part of a pole-dance workshop again, but I didn't feel very well so I had to cancel my participation. It was a special workshop just for Valentine's day. I always enjoy the time at workshops as the atmosphere is always very enjoyable and familiar. 
If you are in search for a great studio for aerial arts in Luxembourg, I highly recommend Pole&Aerial Art in Differdange. We offer poledance classes of every level, combo and choreography classes for poledancing, aerial hoop classes and on Saturday you can stretch to the max in the 'Extreme Flex'-class.

So the only thing I did on Sunday was watching 'Batman begins', drinking some teas and preparing my meals for the next week. We only have 8 weeks left until my first competition for 2015. I am really looking forward how far I can get and how shredded I will turn out to be at the end of the season. I am happy that my coach was satisfied with my form on last week's check-up and that my arms, shoulders and back improved within 2 week. Let's hope that I will improve that way for the next 8 weeks too.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and had a great start into the new week so far.
During the interview. Isn't that pic cute of Yayavanchique?
Yep we are taking picture of taking pictures of a picture. #bloggerissues
Mealprepping on my sunday evening #routine
Happily our FlavorGod seasonings arrived. Checkout the review here.