Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014


The 'Hot Stuff' is especially for men for maximum vascularity

I am only 4 days out of my competition...time to think about my tan. 
As it's my first competition, it is also the first time that I put on stage make-up. Therefor I asked several athletes for advice and the tips that came out were nearly the same. You know that everybody looks better with a tan. Just imagine staying under very bright, hot stage lighting without any tan, you will look like a ghost. Pretty convenient now for halloween but not to for a show. But even if you have a darker natural tan you can look pasty too.  Just think of actors when you see them on stage and off stage; on stage they look normal and their make-up allows their features to be seen from a distance, but once they step closer ,they look like clowns, don't they? 

The same goes with competitors; if you want to show off your hard-earned definition and muscles, you need to get a darker tan due to the intensity of the stage lighting. Even dark-skinned athletes put on a tan as they want to avoid a yellow, grey or ashy look under the lights.
And since everybody has a different color base of the skin tone it is important to apply a tan a couple of days prior the competition. 

Here are the tips athletes gave me concerning the tanning-procedure:

1. Build a Base:

Having a base-tan is really helpful for 2 main reasons; First it makes the tanning product look more even and second if your tan runs onstage, at least there is a base underneath and the difference won't be that big.
'Building a base' means that you should start tanning at least 3 weeks out from contest, whether outside or in the tanning-bed. But don't worry about that little line under your butt cheecks or under arms, those parts are usually lighter than the rest of your body. Just make sure not to burn yourself and stop tanning a week before your show.

2. Exfoliate:

To get an even tan it is very essential to have a smooth skin. Therefore you should definitely exfoliate your skin several weeks prior to your show. The week before your show you should use a non-oil based exfoliating product like Pro Tan 'Get buffed'. This product is not oil-based and the ingredients help to balance out the PH level of the skin so it doesn't turn colors. Another tip for your exfoliating-procedure; make sure to exfoliate evenly because if there is still some old skin left in an area that has been exfoliated or waxed, once you put the tanning product on they will turn out darker than on the new skin, leading to a 'patchy' look.

3. Shave or Wax:

Of course all your body hair needs to be removed from the body so the skin has a nice and smooth look and all definition can be seen. It is freely up to you if you want to shave, wax or any other hair-removal products. But if you have never waxed before you should play safe and don't wait until the week of your show as you don't know how your skin is going to react. 
Once you applied your tan you can no longer shave. Even if there are some hairs growing back after you applied your tan, don't worry they really cannot be seen when you are on stage. 
Waxing is great too as it lasts longer than shaving but like already mentioned, if you don't know how your body will take to it, or if you have really sensitive skin, try it several weeks prior to your competition date to ensure that you don't get rashes or burns from waxing. (The same goes with hair removal products)

4. Last Minute: 

If you apply your first coat of tan, it is really important to have dry, exfoliated, hairless skin so that the tan soaks into the skin perfectly and evenly. To put on the tan you can either use a sponge or simply a painter-role. Once you put on the first layer, take a shower and let the superfluous tan run off your body without scrubbing. To dry off after the shower, I was advised to air-dry as you don't want to blur your even tan. Repeat this the day after. I was recommended to use the Universum Top Tan as the color would be perfect and in combination with the Universum Cream Tan it would bring out a flawless tan.
Another important thing is that if you have gone all day traveling and checking into your hotel , your skin will have moisture on it from sweating and the tan won't adhere well to the skin. Therefor wash your armpit areas with a soap wash cloth, as deodorant tends to stay on the skin and change the color of your tan. Even though, you are still allowed to put a small amount of body lotion on your heels, knees, elbows, hands and feet as those are places that tend to be dryer than normal skin and due to the tan they can appear darker.

5. Before the show:

Before you step on stage, meaning some hours prior to your show you can still put on some Universum Cream Tan. It makes your tan evenly darker and you will look more shiny and browner on stage due to the lights, which means that the cream tan makes your defined muscles stand out even more. 

If you follow these 5 easy tips, I am sure that you will look flawless on stage and upstage with your tan. I am thankful that I got such great advice by more experienced athletes as I am very new to this world, especially on this score. I really hope that my tan will turn out evenly and crunchy-brown, like a caramelized apple hehe. I have already been at the tanning bed a few weeks ago and took my last session last weekend so I am on the good side already. Tomorrow I will start the exfoliating and follow the other tips I got. 

I wish you all a great rest of the week. xX
Pro Tan 'Get buffed'

Universum Top Tan

Universum Cream Tan

Universum Cream Tan, looking like Cup-cake frosting hehe

Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

Angel Competition Bikini

ACBikini Jewelry-set

The day has come... *drumrolls* 
FINALLY I have my competition-bikini and I can't stop thinking about it.
Maybe you remember the post about my competition post ?

I have been searching for a lot of custom-made bikinis but none pleased my vision except AngelCompetitionBikinis. I made contact with the TurboTwins , Karah and Lauren, the designers of those fancy bikinis and they helped me with all my questions; like 'will my bikini be there on time?', 'how long will it take?', 'what about the fabrics,colors and size?' etc.
Hereby I would like to say a big thank you for responding to all my questions and for helping me to chose the right colors, fabrics and connectors. Plus, I want to give thank to Kelsey , a NPC bikini-competitor, for providing me her promo code to get a free competition-jewelery set by ACBikinis as well. (The promo code is: DIETANGEL )

If you are ever in quest of a competition bikini, I highly recommend Angel Competition Bikinis. First of all the service is excellent as already mentioned, second they have a great variety of colors and different fabrics; from hologram through to sequins and even special prints. You can also choose between different colors for your rhinestones for your crystal-design and if you want a sparkling trim or not you just have to write it in the notes when you place your order. The TurboTwins offer 3 variations for your  bottom cut and so many different designs to make your bikini the sparkliest ever. If you want a special and extraordinary design you just have to get in touch with them to explain your ideas and they will make you look fabulous on stage.Have a look at their website to form your own opinion about the special designs.
Aside from that, their range of connectors is also rich in variety. Honestly I though that they would be very fragile but they aren't at all. They seem to be very resistant , just like the jewelry set, but you still have to pay attention as they are not stretch. I am so happy that everything fits perfectly and the best thing is that the jewels absolutely match my heels' design. So no reason to panic about that hehe.
Now enough talk, just have a look at my very first and stunning Hologram Jade/Mint bikini.

Enjoy your sunday my loves. (Only 1 week to go..weehhh #excited)
THE package hehe  
Lovely words from the TurboTwins

TADAAAA My bikini

Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2014

Transformation Thursday

As the big day is almost knocking on the door I wanted to do another measurement before we start the water depletion next week. A lot of things changed since the last check-up, but not only my measurements but my trainings and my diet as well. 

To start with, I have literally no rest-day anymore. On 5 days I have my weight-lifting sessions consisting of 1 hour of HIIT in the early morning and an additional hour of intervals after my liftings. On the other 2 days I 'only' have to hit 1 hour of HIIT on an empty stomach. I am so happy that I have already written my exam last Thursday and that I can focus 100% on my preparation. I am so tired all the time, which is normal if you have to train every day and even 5 times twice a day... 
My diet also changed a lot. We already started the discharge last week, meaning that I don't have carbs anymore, except those you'll find in vegetables and maybe some in the meat too. But still I am allowed to eat 5 times a day and drink up to 6L per day, thank heaven. 

This weekend I will also begin my search for the evening-dress I have to wear on stage. I am thinking of something black, as I am convinced that this will be the only color that will still look elegant when I am that tanned. I also want the dress to be low-backed or backless and have a cut on one side so the judges can still see my legs. I really hope that I will find something that will please my ideas hehe. 
I have another big new for you: my bikini FINALLY arrived, but I don't have it yet as it is still stuck at the customs office... arrrghh! I really hope that it will be delivered by friday. I can't wait to get my crystal explosion bikini, I am so looking forward haha. (*cross-fingers*)

But now enough talk, here are my measurements: 

5th of October 23rd of October
54.8 kg
54.3 kg
Body Fat percentage
18.3 %
17.1 %
31 cm
31 cm
83 cm
25 cm
25 cm
63 cm
61 cm
83 cm
81.5 cm
51 cm
49 cm
35 cm
34.5 cm
Shirt size
Pant size

This morning's form after my cardio session 

Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014

Silhouette Shooting

Enjoying the golden-hour sunrays

Last weekend we benefitted from the great weather we recently had in Luxembourg to do some outdoor shootings. I love Autumn, especially on days like these. The sky was so beautifully blue, the sun was shining and it was so comfortably cozy that we had to go outside to shoot some photos. At the beginning we only wanted to take some shots of my new 'Les (Art)istes' bag I got at the Smets Underground Luxury Party, but as the sun was getting lower we suddenly had a great idea: Why don't we profit from the 'golden-hour' to shoot some silhouettes. Yes I have to admit that I was inspired by Dana Linn Bailey's silhouette pictures she took some weeks ago on the beach. But hey, why can't I try the same in Luxembourg hihi. 

I hope you like the pictures, if you want to see further pictures you just have to visit my Facebook Fanpage here
Enjoy your week and always keep in mind: You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try. xX

Some dancing approaches

Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

Fisherman's Strongman Run 2nd Edition

Yesterday was the Fisherman's Strongman Run and Powerfood's J-M.B had a stand again. So, we went to say hello and support some runners too. Unfortunately as Ken had a night shift he was sleeping until 1.30 pm so we missed the start, but still we could support some runners who were struggling to get to the finish line.

I have to say that at the beginning I wanted to participate as well, but then I realized that this would be 2 weeks out of my competition and I definitely wouldn't want to hurt myself and disable me from competing, that would be the worst nightmare ever. Nevertheless I show my deep respect to everyone who participated in this run. First of all 11km , or 22km, isn't that short, plus the obstacles aren't easy at all. Especially if you are such a small fairy like me, you really have to struggle to pass them without risking an injury. 

Well, as we were a little too late I couldn't take so many pictures, such being the case I hope you still enjoy my few impressions of the run and of JMB's stand, also on my Facebook page

Wish you all a great week. Make it big xX
So many disguised people again, always fun watching hehe
Powerfood's J-M.B stand

Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2014

Les (Art)istes Bag

Long time no talk, but I have a good explanation... I finally had my exam this thursday so I was kind of busy studying and training the days before. But here I am again. 
Right after my exam I was on the way straight home, grabbed my fitness bag and hit a great pump-session in the gym. This really felt so good after writing the exam. I was feeling finally free again and able to concentrate on nothing but my preparation,posing and training. 

And as this wasn't enough already, my lovely sister asked me to accompany her to the Smets Underground Luxury Party. 
The party was great, but it was an absolute torture for me as they offered so much heavenly foods like Dunkin' Donuts, Popcorn, Chips, Ice-cream and so on. And I was just over there trying to get shredded. Thus, all I had was a small bottle of water , but that's alright only a few weeks to go and I can finally enjoy such things again (in moderation well understood). 

Before leaving, the lovely Fallon H. gave us a small goody-bag and told me that it could be of use for me. And indeed, it is very useful for me... It was a bag by ''Les (Art)istes'' , which I can surely use as a small fitness-bag for my morning cardio sessions. So again, thanks a lot for this bag, I love it! Normally when you have such a bag you only have one big pocket, meaning the whole bag. But this bag has two other pockets, whereby one with a zipper. This makes this bag even more functional as you don't have to rifle through your whole bag to finally find your member-card for the gym haha. 

If you want to see further pictures of my sporty fall-shooting, you are welcome to have a look at the album on my Facebook Fanpage here. (And while you are already on my page, why don't you hit the like-button? hihi)

I wish you all a great weekend and stay tuned, I had another shooting as well. xX

Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014


Hello everyone, 

I have some great news that fill me with so much happiness: MY COMPETITION-HEELS FINALLY ARRIVED. 
You can't imagine how happy I am right now. First of all I wasn't sure which model I should take, with sling or without? Transparent or along with rhinestones? And when I looked at some competition pictures, I figured out that most athletes wear shoes with a sling, so I decided mine to be without hehe.

Now what about the rhinestones? Well, some time ago I came across a blog from a bikini-competitor (unfortunately I don't remember the name, sorry) and she highly advised to opt for heels that aren't too sparkling as the judges should concentrate on your body and your form. Thus I chose for less shining competition heels. 

Then I had to face the next issues, which size will fit me? And where can I find my competition heels? 
Of course the first thing that came to my mind was 'sex-shops', as they normally offer a big variety of gogo and stripper heels. This turned out to be an impasse, so I had no other choice than ordering them on the web. But the right size was still a wrinkle... Again, I asked some athletes on Facebook for their advice. As expected, they all recommended to take one size smaller than usually, just to be sure. And that's what I did. 

I am so happy that I found a retailer on Amazon who shipped exactly those shoes from Germany, called 'High-heels helden'. After placing the order I was deeply shocked... They indicated that the shoes might take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive, so I instantly wrote a message to the retailer. Fortunately they answered me right away and reassured me that they will be shipped on Friday so they will surely arrive before my competition. PHHEEWW. 

And what a surprise... they arrived this afternoon already. I was so happy when my sister texted me that a package has arrived from Germany. I grabbed my car keys immediately and hit the road straightaway. Arrived at my parents', I threw my sneakers in the corner to try on my competition heels... *drum roll*... They fit PERFECTLY. Thank heaven. (woohoo)

Now I can finally practise my posing with the right heel-height. The only ,and most important, thing missing is my bikini, which is also on its way from the U.S. 
I bet I am going to freak out when it finally arrives haha. I will have to get a lamborghini to drive home when my sister texts me haha. 

Hope you are having a great week too so far. xX

Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

Afternoon with Powerfood's J-M.B.

On the way to the convention

Last weekend was the Rock'n Ink Festival in Differdange, Luxembourg. A lot of people were attending this event as there were a great number (50) of outstanding ink-artists, also local ones like DreamInk and Addict'Ink. But this Tattoo Convention wasn't only about being inked, they also offered live concerts, an art expo and also a tattoo contest. 
Yes I know, this has nothing to do with fitness,health or nutrition. 

So here comes the more sporty section. A part of the Powerfood's J-M.B. Team was present at the convention too. If you have been there you should know because the stand was unmissable as it was right after the entry.  I am really happy to be part of this team as we don't really act like a team but more like a little family in which we support and respect each other. We give useful advices to each other but we also laugh a lot together. Right from the start I felt comfortable with these people. Well , normally I don't have problems feeling comfortable with people I don't really know but you know what I am trying to say. Ab initio, they make you feel at ease because everybody has to start somewhere, so there is no room left for prejudices or silly jokes about new-comers. That's what makes the difference between a good and a great team. 

We spend a great day at the convention yesterday, even if we have only been sitting at the stand. It was nice chatting with the coach and the other team-mates about something other than just the preparation,nutrition or supplements. I am already looking forward to the team-meeting this friday. I am sure it's going to be very funny but long evening, as usual (meal-prep is calling haha).

Always make sure to surround yourself with people you can trust and you feel comfortable with. Hope you have a wonderful week and do more than just your best. xX

JMB Sports Collection
Powerfood's J-M.B. Supplements, the best I ever had, seriously and honestly.
My knight, Sir Ken from Dumbbell and Me
I have a stalker, taking pictures while I'm eating haha (Thank you sister )
Part of my afternoon-snack:Cod
Left to Right: Jean-Marie (my coach), Me, Ken, Yannick

Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014

New in: Thermogenic cream


As you already know, my coach and I now want to give my water-retention and fat the deep six. That's why I bought the Everlast Slimmer Belt last week. Well,there is something more to come.

He also recommended me a thermogenic and draining cream from Italy called FGM 04 . I was curious so I asked him what the cream is all about. He told me that the cream is capable of reducing localized imperfections. Its thermogenic effect and presence of a high dosage of phosphatidylcholine (what a heavy word) makes this cream absolutely innovative. These molecules are know for their strong slimming power and disposal of excess fats. So not only does this cream heats you up, it also makes you sweat and lose water-rententions and some fat as well, which leads to an improved complexion of your problem area. He has already experienced very good results with this cream and his past athletes. So I wanted to give it a try. I am always open for new things, especially when I have never heard about it before.

Yeah I know this all sounds like an advertisement on Teleshopping, but before you judge, go on reading. You only have to apply it twice a day onto your problem areas, e.g your hips, legs or butt (which are most women's problem areas). Just massage those areas with some cream until the cream is fully absorbed. 

I normally apply the cream in the morning before I leave for my morning cardio, along with my Slimmer Belt. And in the late afternoon or evening, again pre-workout. I don't advise applying the cream before going to bed, I tried this once and in the middle of the night I suddenly woke up because I was soaked in sweat. I had to get up and wash the cream off as I couldn't sleep anymore.

Believe me or not, you will be sweating like a pig. I have already been sweating with just the Slimmer Belt, but in addition to the cream, it's unbelievable. My body heated up so much that I couldn't stop sweating until taking a shower. I was literally drenched with sweat haha.
 Here is the link of the brand itself, if you can't make it to JMB's shop. If you are from Luxembourg, I will let you know on my Facebook-page when the cream is available at Powerfood's J-M.B again. (He's currently out of stock)

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to come and say hello at the Rock' Ink Festival in Differdange, I will be there at the Powerfood's J-M.B. stand from 3pm. on x.X

Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014

New in: Everlast Slimmer Belt

Hey folks. 

I have a new toy hehe...
I bought my very first slimmer belt by Everlast. Honestly, I never thought that I would ever buy such a thing in my life. BUT, J-M recommended buying one as we only have 3 & 1/2 week left for my competition and we still have to get rid of my last water retentions. I really have to say that this preparation isn't easy at all because it is very hard to give my 'old' fat and water retentions the deep six. 

I was a bit doubtful at the beginning as you mostly see such 'slimmer belts' in Teleshopping, and I was always blinded by prejudice. But as he recommended me buying one, I did so. He is my coach, I trust him, he has experience and I don't, so he must be right by advising me a slimmer belt. 

And that's what I did today. I went to his shop and bought a slimmer belt by Everlast, you know that boxing brand. As soon as I returned home, guess what? Yes, I instantly tried it on. Don't judge me I am also just a girl, and we ALWAYS try on our new stuff and wear it for the rest of the days (even high-heels, because we have to wear them in hehe).
I must admit that I had some problems wrapping me up in that thingy (goofy me). Of course it couldn't fit perfectly because I applied it too high and thus ,along with my bra, it was really uncomfortable. Therefor Ken, my helping knight who has been boxing years ago, told me how and where to attach it. Accordingly, it was way more comfy than before. 

You may ask how this will help me get rid of water retentions, don't you?
First of all this belt is great for an additional back-support during your workouts, whether you are running, cycling or even lifting weights, thus you will also keep your proper form. The belt helps you keep your core temperature up while working out, so you burn more calories and you don't cool down that fast. And while your core temperature stays at the same level or heats up even more, you are going to lose more water around your waist. Sounds great, doesn't it? 
And I can reassure you it works. I am now wearing this belt since I returned home (meaning over 3 hours already). I don't feel that cold since I wrapped me up and I can really feel how I am sweating under the belt Certainly it sounds a little weird to wear such a thing while you're only at home and not even working out.
But since I caught a cold last friday, I rather prefer wearing my belt and stay heated up , then risking to get even colder and maybe disable me from competing by catching a real bad flue. That would be the worst thing to happen.

Naturally I don't want to deprive you of this magic belt. You can either buy it at Powerfood's J-M.B or on Amazon ,if you don't want to get your butt up you lazy little pooper haha.

While having a cold, at least I hope you keep a strong health and dig deeper. xX
Front view. Looks uncomfy, but it's not.
From the side.