Sonntag, 27. April 2014

5Day-Detox review

Hi guys!

As some of you might alreay know, I started Nikki Sharp's 'staysharpbestrong'Detox. Before I tell you about my experience, I have to admit that I changed the meals a little bit,because I didn't have the time to buy everything I need. Now that the Detox is over I wanted to share a detailed review and my personal experience about it.

Tuesday/Day 1:

I started the day with Lemon oats.This citrus-green-tea actually added an awesome taste to my oats and it made me a two-in-one breakfast.

As a mid-morning snack I had a hand-full of Almonds, which I definitely needed as I am used to have a little bit more for breakfast.

For lunch I cooked myself some Quinoa, in veggie-bouillon, to get it a bit tastier, with ratatouille.

In the late afternoon I had an apple and some almonds before I left the house to hit the gym. I have to admit that by then, I felt like everyday, and during my workouts I didn't feel any weaker, which is great!

For dinner: 1 cup of quinoa and 2 cups of veggies.

Wednesday/Day 2:

Breakfast: Again lemon oats

Snack: Some Almonds & citrus-green-tea

Lunch: Only Veggies and some rice, I was out of quinoa... whoops!

After Lunch I hit the gym. I was a bit tired, but I could recognize that at the same time I felt even better. I think I felt tired because I didn't sleep that much the night before.

Snack: Apple & Almonds

Dinner: Only Veggies.
Usually at the end of a day my belly is a bit bloated,but I realized that it stayed flat all day long. Awesome!

at ''work'', walking in the woods with the kids.

Thursday/Day 3:

Breakfast: Lemon oats with Goji berries. I added Goji berries because I wanted to have a different taste

Mid-morning snack: Almonds & citrus-green-tea

Lunch: Veggies Soup. I wanted to eat the vegetable a bit different, so I made a soup. Vegetable is vegetable, no matter how they are cooked, right?

Afternoon snack: 1 Apple, some Blueberries and almonds.

Thursday is my leg-day, that's why I treated myself with a 'bigger' bowl of Oats in the morning to get some extra energy. I don't know how people can feel weaker while doing this detox program as I definitely felt great and I even hit my personal record on the legpress...160kg! Whoohoo

Dinner: Veggie soup

Friday/Day 4:

Breakfast: Oats with Ginger-tea. Awesome taste too!

Snack: Almonds

Lunch: Some vegetables and rice. As I was still out of quinoa and didn't have the time to go to the grocery store.

Before I hit a HIIT training with my boyfriend, I had a handful almonds and a small apple. I was almost dying during the HIIT training because I am a little lazy snail when it comes to running,the detox didn't do anything to make me feel bad. My boyfriend was motivating me by telling me that I am a little lazy snail and that I should run faster. Which actually made me angry and at the same time motivated me to keep pushing through this work-out.

Dinner: A huge plate of veggies and quinoa. I was so hungry after that HIIT workout.

Saturday/Day 5:

Breakfast: Dough-roll. Checkout yesterday's post (HERE) . Actually it's not on the program, but berries are and zucchinis are vegetables. So don't blame me.

Snack: Apple and almonds.

Lunch: I didn't had the time yet to go to the grocery store, but lucky as I am, I found some bio Quinoa in a box. Yay! So I had quinoa , cooked in a veggie-bouillon, and ratatouille. 

Afternoon-snack was an apple and some almonds

For dinner I had the rests from lunch, ratatouille with quinoa. 


I don't understand how this detox can make people feel weaker. I didn't recognize any change concerning my energy throughout the day or during my workouts. The only thing that actually changed was that I felt better, more energized and more present. I wasn't tired after my meals and my belly stayed flat the last 5 days, which I think is great.

Plus, I lost 2 1/2 kilos, which was nothing but water retention, 1,5 cm around my hips and my waist, and my skin looked more refreshing during the detox. 

Yes, that's me 

I honestly recommend this detox program to everyone who wants to cleanse their body. It is 100% natural, you don't have to take any pills or shakes, you will definitely feel better and your body will thank you! I will definitely do this detox-program every month! 

Nikki Sharp

Have a nice Sunday!


  1. Ich sollte das auch mal tun. Gesund essen und nicht immer diesen Fisch, roh und noch ganz nass.
    Eisig warme Grüße, Andreas

    1. Hi Andreas!
      Vielen Dank für's Vorbeischauen...
      Ja nur rohen Fisch ist auch nicht so gesund, der Köper bracht ja auch Vitamine und Mineralien , und vor allem auch Kohlenydrate damit der Köprer funktionieren kann .