Freitag, 22. Mai 2015

#pumpingfairy of the week

Today I want to present to you THE pumpingfairy of the week. 

Jimmy_Nutella, as he calls himself on Instagram , was 265lbs at the age of 19 as he mostly ate crap in school and didn't know how to eat clean and evaluate calories...The result: obesity.
Over 2 years he lost about 123lbs and changed his life. Because he knows how hard it was to reach this amazing goal, he raised a project called 'be fit in Highschool, fight obesity'.

When he started to work as a geography teacher in highschool, he didn't only educate the teens about geography but also about health. He gave advices on how to eat clean and tasty at the same time, how to stay motivated and how to workout by still enjoying it. He showed them what inspiration and dedication means. The feedback of the students was so big that he created a fitness area at their school to fight obesity,as we have a lot of students who can's afford a membershp in the gym and want to workout in a group after school to stay motivated. So his project was born. 

15% of the students have to lose weight. His aim is to help them reach their goals and don't experience the same struggle his had back in the years. To draw their attention to a healthy lifestyle he organizes camps , spinning classes, outdoor fitness and nutrition workshop and courses. 
Fortunately he managed to change his life and he wants them to change their life as well. Staying focused and strong is an ability that can change a lot and only by strengthening the mind we can reach our goals. 

Unfortunately the school doesn't have the right equipment for his project, either it's overaged or broken, plus the school doesn't have any budget to support his project. 
But you can support the teens and give them a chance to change. All you have to do is visit this page (here) and donate to support the teens in their fight against obesity. 
Outdoor Fitness
His transformation
A table full of healthy foods

Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2015

Rainbow x PIBA

I think I put you long enough on the rack after my Instagram post on my new fancy training-pants...

My tights are from PIBA's new collection. It is called 'rainbow' as it is a bright, contemporary and super colorful collection. This time they designed a lot of different patterns like rainbows, holograms and some Barbie Pink (to get that girly feeling during the workout). The collection is supposed to brighten up your workouts and push you to train our legs even harder as they really draw a lot of attention to your legs. 

When I received the news from PIBA that they were about to release a new collection I was so curious and excited, because as you may know, I have almost every one of their collections at home. Well not the whole collection but at least that one or another item of the previous collections. 

If you have never heard of PIBA before, you definitely have to check out their online store (here) and have a look at my review (here). In order to get the latest news about new arrivals, back in stock items or sales, simply subscribe to the CLUB PIBA. (Don't worry, you won't receive any annoying emails) 

**And don't forget to use my coupon code JENNIFER10%OFF to get 10% off your purchase**

Enjoy your workouts and rock them tights.

Jelly Bean


Samstag, 16. Mai 2015

Fittaste Ambassador

I have a big announcement to make on this Sunday evening...
I have the honor and the huge pleasure to tell you that I officialy became the ambassador for fit taste here in Luxembourg. Now you may wonder what fittaste is, right?

About fit taste: 

Fittaste is an innovative meal prep company who prepares and cooks healthy and super delicious food to make your healthy lifestyle even easier to follow. You can order your food once a week (in the near future they will offer it even twice a week) and choose between a variety of meals depending on your personal goals, whether this is losing weight, fat or building muscle mass. Fit taste is the only one of its kind in Central Europe shipping nationwide.  This means that you can easily order your meals online and get them delivered straight to your doorstep.

Why fit taste? 

The company's name speaks for itself as they're building the bridge between a healthy but still tasty diet programm and the final resolution. The advantage for you is that you will save a lot of time, and take the easy way out to reach your goals and stick to a healthy lifestyle.

As the company's main aim is a healthy and balanced lifestyle , they only use certified high quality foods. Only meat that's free or hormones and antibiotics, wild caught fish , as well as vegetables that are agriculturally cropped and from an organic production, will make it into their menus. All of their ingredients mainly come from the Greater Area Saarland, Rheinland-Pfalz and Luxembourg.

What matters to fit taste?

  • A selection of fresh ingredients
  • Cooking with natural flavours and low salt
  • No use of flavour enhancer
  • A high protein level 
  • A great taste of a healthy meal. 
The main structure of the meals are chicken breast, lean beef, fresh salmon, shrimps, together with either rice, potatoes, wholegrain pasta and several vegetables, in order to keep a high protein level with top quality carbs and healthy fats.

How it works: 

  • You enter , select your menues and purchase your food online. With my individual code (liftingfairy) you will get now 10% off your first order ***
  • Fit Taste cooks the ordered meals all fresh and sends them to you once a week. 
  • Their cooling logistics uses boxes with a cooling unit and cooling packs so your food stays all fresh during the transport.
  • Your order will be delivered to your home or your office, it's all up to you. 
  • Your meals have a storage life of seven days if you keep them safe in the fridge.
Try out their 'Tasting Box' and get 10% off with my code (liftingfairy). Enjoy your meals.
Your box with cool packs 

Chicken with broccoli
Chicken Salad

Protein Almonds

Freitag, 15. Mai 2015


Wow... that was quite a short week for me... 
On Monday I had a day off and yesterday too since it was Ascension Day.Oh I wish weeks would always be that short. 

What have you been up to yesterday?
As for me, I got up a little earlier to hit my fasted cardio. I decided to do this at the gym because it was a little fresh yesterday morning and I seriously don't want to risk a cold or something.
In the late afternoon I went back for my leg session, the 2nd for this week, and of course another cardio session on the bicycle to finish this workout. I think it would be a good idea to rent a little room in the gym and live there for the next two weeks, so I don't have to drive from my home to the gym twice a day. Would be very time-saving , wouldn't it?

I am so glad that I am on holiday next week and until the world championship is over so I can focus on nothing but my preparation: Train. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. That's what my next two weeks will look like. I will also take advantage of my free time to go tanning or to the sauna to relax and lose a bit more water too. 

I really hope that you stay as motivated as I am because I saw a lot of great transformations lately on my Instagram news-feed. With 37 days out of the summer beginning, we still have plenty of time to dig deeper to reach our goals for summer 2015.

In hopes that you are about to experience a marvelous weekend here are my 9 favorite pumpingfairies of the week.
1. erdin_la_vida_loca smashing a badass mirror selfie
2. flouwelsch playing basketball to get a study break
3. healthyme_cn had a tunasalad with detoxwater for lunch
4. kimpinky 's lunch was bellpeper with wholegrain pasta 
5. alixgaspar had an early-morning check-up at our coach's. 
6. pia_fit03 and m.egan__ working their butts off. Keep up the good work girls. 
7. jimmy_nutella doing some cardio
8. caro_rouge hitting some biceps and triceps 
9. li.aah enjoyed her fresh breakfast today, namely coconut yoghurt with fresh mango, oat crunch and chia seeds.

Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2015

Be supportive.

Focus on the finish
When a friend or a family member has made the commitment to start competing, he/she is about to make an incredible lifestyle change and believe me or not, it's everything but easy.
Being a competitor myself , I can give you one advice: be supportive as a friend or family member. I experienced this during my first prep myself, I had ups and ,mostly, downs and I had a lot of mood swings, like being that cute little gismo gremlin and a minute later I was the 3rd generation gremlin, being all grumpy and angry.

To prepare for a contest you are pushing yourself beyond your limits, physically and mentally. So what you say to a competitor-beginner can have a very negative or a positive impact on your relation, during the preparation or after the contest. Therefore I made a list of things you better keep to yourself.

1. 'Don't build up too much muscle': 

This one is as old as the hills. I can't hear it myself anymore.
Before saying this to your friend, ask your friend to explain his new passion to you. I'm well aware that when someone tells you that they start competing in bodybuilding contest, you are likely to think about Arnold Schwarzenegger or about the real bodybuilding women, right?
No worries: If it was that easy too build muscle in such a short period, oh heaven I think everybody would be a bodybuilder. It takes decades of intense training and dedication to reach such a level.
Whether you like it or not, a strong women is beautiful too. I respect every athlete and every category of bodybuilding competitions because in every category you have to work hard to reach the physique you want.
And you should respect every athlete too, since they all have to work off their butts. 

2. 'You are training too much' :

Oh my... I don't even remember how often I was told this.
It may sound crazy when your are told that someone is working out for hours, 5 times a week and dedicating their spare-time to training, cardio and meal preparations. It sounds like a huge sacrifice, but for a competitor it's not. For them it has turned into a lifestyle that is everything but average. 
Before I started competing, I was partying every weekend once or twice, went to bars, restaurants or to the movies almost every weekend. Now, the last time I was at a restaurant was for Christmas, which was also the last time I went to a club. (Plus, we left very early as I wanted to workout the day after...)
So don't molest your friend when he/she doesn't want to go out to be fit the day after in order to hit an intense training routine.

3. 'You have become too skinny':

Funny how fast the coin can flip...
Before the prep you said that your friend shouldn't become too muscular, now you are telling them not to become too skinny. 
The closer a competitor gets to the D-Day, the more body fat they are about to lose and it seems like they have become super skinny. But no, they have just become leaner, and they will lower their body-fat percentage even more the closer the show comes. 
Usually a competitor only remains that lean (or skinny how you would call it) for a short period of time, namely for the show day and sometimes for photo shoots post-contest. In the 'off-season' they are more likely to have that 'healthier' look again, except for some fitness models.

4.'Come on, One bite won't kill you':

Well yes, it will.
One bite will just lead to another tiny bite and another and another...
Pretty fast your friend can get completely 'off track' , lose the focus and all the previous weeks and months of training and dieting will be lost. So yes, one bite can 'kill'...someones goals.
When you enter a contest-prep it's all or nothing. When your goal is to push beyond the limits, well then you have to change your priorities. A first time competitor will learn that food is fuel and that the connection they once had with fast food won't be so powerful anymore.So instead of forcing them to have one bite, support them and don't give them no bite at all, even when they are about to get really mad. You have to stay supportive (and strong) to resist.

And here some words to my kindred spirits:
Bodybuilding competitions are challenging and with continuous effort you will grow strength. You are about to learn what is good and what is bad for your body, you will try out different types of diets and training routines. Always keep in mind that it's a journey. You will be criticized by people so often that a supportive and motivating surrounding becomes very important for your journey.
When you are competing, it doesn't matter what other people say or think about you and your physique. You will always find yourself with people that don't accept your lifestyle. 

Wishing you a successful continuation.
How I spend my Friday evening instead of going out
No bite! Stay strong!

Freitag, 8. Mai 2015


I hope your week was as good as mine...
The reason why is because I start to see improvements again while feeling better day by day. 
Being now 3 weeks out of my last contest for this season, I am more motivated than ever. 
Maybe because it's the World Championships.

Even if the competition season will be over in 3 weeks, this doesn't mean that I will stop eating the healthy way. I am not saying that I 'have to' eat healthy and balanced but I want to keep a good shape since there are still some events left where my team and I will perform posing routines and represent our team.
Plus, it's like eating potato chips, you don't eat just one single chip...

I have never been in such a great shape and never felt that good and comfortable in my own body that I never want to miss this feeling anymore. And summer is just around the corner and who doesn't want to be in shape for summer, right? 

Talking about getting in shape I have to say that I am very proud of my pumpingfairies working out almost everyday and staying motivated all the time. I know that sometimes it's not that easy and at some point you just feel like giving up, but seeing that you are NOT, makes me really happy and it motivates me as well to keep going.

If you also need some motivation or fitspiration, join our pumping-fairy army by using #pumpingfairy for your fitness & health related posts on Instagram. (Make sure your profile is public, otherwise I can't see your fitspo)

No matter if you are a boy or a girl, everyone is welcome. 
Keep up the good work and enjoy your weekend my loves.
1.  t_veronique had a great run with her fluffy ball
2. jimmy_nutella made a piece of art for dinner
3. li.aah needs motivation
4. bodypassion_ being all happy about her new blackroll soft
5. caro_rouge is as addicted to nike as me ( I totally feel you hihi )
6. highheelskills did a great transformation. Keep up the good work.
7. fashionbarbecue enjoying lunch by fittaste (review soon on my blog)
8. sarah_48612 had a green mango , kiwi and spinach smoothie with oats and chia seed for breakfast
9. bunnyworksout being really happy with her shoulders lately

Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2015

Spring Shopping

 Slowly the sun is warming our faces with its cozy rays, flowers are blooming and we can finally hit our cardio and core session outdoors without risking a flue or a bad cold. With the weather getting better I am more motivated to do my cardio sessions, and I am convinced that I am not the only one. 

But as far as I'm concerned, I neither love running nor bicycling, indoors nor outdoors... So I was more than happy when I could go for my very first rollerblading session yesterday during lunchbreak. Oh how I missed this... It's just the best feeling ever when you enjoy and have fun during your workouts, right?

Some years ago, I always had to hit a 30min cardrive before I could finally rollerblade as we didn't have a good path around. Now, around my job place, I can easily hit my daily cardio as the walkway is wide enough to pass the pedestrians and it's evenly flat. The perfect conditions for rollerblading. 

But what would an outdoor cardio session be without fancy vernally clothes?
Nike Vintage Shorts ,Nike 2.0 Push-Up Grips ,NLY Sports Bra ,Nike Gradient Vest ,Adidas Originals  ,Gymbag ,Nike Expandable Lean ,NLY Sports Tights ,NLY Sports Bra ,Nike Flyknit

Montag, 4. Mai 2015

4 weeks out

dinner: salmon on a carrot-salad. spiced by FlavorGod seasoning 'Garlic Lemon' 

In 4 weeks I will be back from the World Championships in Warsaw, Poland.
I know, 4 weeks sound like much, but if you are in a contest prep, time goes by so quick that you are suddenly on stage and you don't know how this happened. 

Three weeks ago we experimented with carbs, which didn't really work the way we expected, so we are know cutting carbs slowly but surely again to get rid of the water retention. 
Plus, we know now why I didn't get as lean as I wished during the last contest preparations... I have a thyroid insufficiency, which is good and bad news at the same time...but at least we know why I didn't get shredded and we can act to it. 

My current diet an training plan looks a lot different than the previous contest-prep, 4 weeks out. 
Regarding my training routines, I can lift a lot heavier now and with less repetitions and I am always alternating between 3 days working out and one rest day. 

My diet also includes lowcarb and refeed days. Meaning 3 days lowcarb with 1 refeed day, then going on with 4 days lowcarb and 1 refeed again, 5 lowcarb days, 1 refeed until we start the cutting phase the week prior the championships. 

So far everything goes fine. We started this diet program last week (Thursday) and I am happy to see improvements already. I don't feel that bloated anymore, seem a little 'lighter' and due to the decreased carbs, I have more energy ( I know this sounds contradictory) because my digestion doesn't need that much of it anymore to cut down the carbs. 

In addition to that, I will get lymphatic drainages twice a week to cleanse and nourish the cells and enhance the blood flow in my legs. This doesn't only relax my muscles but also improves the definition of my legs. 

In hopes that you had a great start into the week as well, I am couchpotatoeing now.
lunch: chicken with salad and quinoa rice crackers
post-run selfie
breakfast: chicken burger with pears along with 100% almond-butter