Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2015


PIBA has released a brand new collection with a whole new concept. Weeehhh! Well those who follow me on my Facebook-page may already know that.

The previous PIBA collections were all colorful, bright and playful, thus Mel (from PIBA) thought to launch a whole new concept. The new prints are the hallmark's of the new collection. These prints make it possible to wear your comfy gymtights also outside of your second home. Hence the conecpt amount to darker, urban-street-style prints instead of colorful and bright prints. 

As the leggings were produced by a new manufacturer , the overall quality is a million times better and has some new and improved features like: 
  • super strong and durable flatlock stitchig
  • new, high quality fabric, which is even more durable and soft to the skin
  • a compression-like fit, so perfect for your legsessions (#squatsproved)
  • comfortable, flattering waistband with encased elastic
  • crotch gusset. 
In the new collection you can find prints like the bandana (c.f pictures), b/w anaconda, red lynx or white combat/camouflage. I am definitely a fan of the bandana print as it reminds me of the 90ies where everybody wore bandanas around the neck, in the hair or as a bracelet.

If you want to treat yourself with a pair of awesomeness, you also have to know that the weblink changed to , plus you get 10% off your purchase using my special promo code >> JEN10%OFF <<. Be sure to also use the hashtags #iwearpiba and #physiqueint when showing-off with your fancy gymwear.

Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2015

Review: Basen Fasting

Before I start my review, I would like to give you some information about 'basenfasten'. 
It was developed by the Wacker Family in 1997 and is meant as a treatment for detox and relief. When we talk about 'basen-fasten' we talk about the voluntary renunciation of acid food (animal proteins and corn) for a limited time to cleanse our body from acidic toxins. 

There are several methods for 'basen-fasten': you can do it only during a weekend (like me) or over months for which I would suggest to get more information. Talking about the foods you are allowed to eat, there are also some differences of course. But let's stay with this one. 

What you are NOT allowed to consume during this detox: 
  • coffee, even decaf
  • black,green and white tea
  • mate, fruit and rooibos tea
  • alcohol
  • milk
  • sugary drinks and foods
  • sausage, lunch meats , hams and bacon
  • smoked, brined or pickled foods
  • shell fish
  • garlic
  • fast food
On a strictly 'alkaline' day (free from acid food) you mainly eat vegetables, ripe fruits, salad, sprouts, herbs and a few nuts and seeds. Complete shopping lists can be found on the internet or in books or you can check the list below. You should also drink 6 to 8 glasses of mineral water and diluted herbal tea. 

What you need: 
  • mineral water
  • herbal tea (like nettle tea) 
  • lemons , grapefruits and apples
  • vegetables like: onions, leek, parsley, white kale, celery, bay leaf, cucumbers
  • hazelnuts , almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpink seeds
  • 'basica' , which is a 'basen' product (available at your local pharmacy or at 'dm' in germany) 

Why I did this cleansing? 

Since I cut my finger weeks ago, I had to take antibiotics to prevent an inflammation. Unfortunately my body stored a lot of water which made me feel really bad, bloated and in some way very uneasy. 
So when my coach returned from a seminar three weeks, he told me about 'basenfasten' and how this can have an impact on the body and the overall well-being. Therefor I wanted to give it a try to purify my body and get rid of that retained water. 

What was my detox like?

It was mainly based on lemons, grapefruits, apples,hazelnuts, cucumbers, a self-made bouillon, boiled eggs and a 'basica'-'basen' product. 
If you want to know what my day looked like, you are welcome to check out my new movie on my YouTube channel (below). 

How I felt after this detox-weekend?

First I was a little bit concerned about the amount of food, which appeared as 'nothing' to me. I couldn't imagine that this would satisfy my hunger. Waking up on Saturday, I was curious about how I would feel during the day. My first thoughts were, 'well probably sluggish and grumpy'... 

Starting my day with a glass of warm lemon-water woke me up instantly, probably because of the sour flavor of the lemon. As I knew that I had to wait for 2 hours until my bouillon was ready, I had one of the three apples I was allowed to eat during the day. This really saved me as I probably wouldn't have survived another 2 hours without food. So far so good. 
I couldn't wait for my bouillon to be ready because it smelled so good. Meanwhile I prepared the cucumbers, the grapefruits and the hazelnuts, to have an equal apportionment over the day, just like the nettle tea that I already prepared in the morning. 

Despite the fact that I had to pee all the time, I didn't feel sluggish or hungry, which really surprised me to be honest. My body felt less bloated and I a lot better in my skin. I could clearly see that something has changed, which the scale also proved me. I lost 2 kilos, which should be mainly water. 
Unfortunately, at the end of Sunday, I had some headaches, which didn't surprise me. I think it's because I couldn't eat any carbs over these two days and my brain needed fuel again. 

So all in one, it was a great way to cleanse my body from acidic toxins. I definitely feel better now, and I think that I will do this detox-program again once in a while when I feel bloated and uneasy. 
It was by far tthe best detox I have done. The Nikki-Sharp 5-Days-Detox (review here) was great as well, but now that I've learned about alkaline food and its advantages I am more convinced about the 'basen-fasting' program. 

If you have further questions about my experience, don't hesitate to contact me via my facebook-page (here). 

Montag, 5. Oktober 2015

Team Posing Day

The Team Powerfood's J-M.B
After our successsful team meeting a few weeks ago, J-M decided to organise a Posing Day for all the members who recently joined our team. By the way, I'm so happy that our team grows bigger and bigger. We actually have new athletes in every category and I finally get some female support by my sister (fashionbarbecue) , Anne (a good friend) ,Sheila, Linda and Zoé...
Brace yourselves boys, the ladies are taking over.
As our federation, the NAC, announced that the Men's Physique category is, from the next season on, officially accepted, a lot of aspiring athletes joined as well. And so far it looks very promising because everyone is highly motivated.

The Posing Day was held at J-M's place, as he has the perfect spotlights for a posing practice and the space of course. Olivier F. did the Men's Physique Posing, Yannick S. the Bodybuilding and Athletic posing and I did of course the Bikini/Shape-Posing with my ladies. And it was a real success. Almost the whole team joined the posing day and this meant lots of fun, as always. 

If you want to get more impressions of our Team posing day, you are welcome to check out the movie on my YouTube Channel (below). By the way, it's the very first time you will hear me speak in a video... So don't judge hihi (#excited).
For pictures, you can have a look at some pictures on my Facebook page (here). 

Enjoy your week. 

Donnerstag, 17. September 2015

Post Contest Phenomnomnom

2nd and 3rd place, but still damn proud of myself
As the autumn season is about to start, a lot of new athletes are preparing for their first show and are experiencing all kind of things that come with a contest-prep. If you have no idea what you are in for, you should check out this post (here).

You must be so excited for your first show, I was too. But what comes next? 
Here are some things that you have to brace yourself for: 
  • The hardest thing for me was the water depletion as you can't drink the last day prior the contest. But the day post-contest you will be shocked... because you gained so much weight... 
Well, gaining weight after your competition shouldn't make you freak out. If you have cut water for your show, it's pretty normal that, when you drink water again, you gain this amount in water weight, especially if you also enjoy an epic cheat meal, which you deserve. Don't panic, it's only WATER weight, NOT fat. 
  • Ask you coach for a reverse-diet: 
If your coach hasn't mentioned this, ask him. Especially when you're a beginner, it's important that you get back on track as soon as possible, all step by step. Plus, having a guidance after your competition will stop you from going crazy with bad , yet so yummy, food. It's very improtant that you stop eating crap no later than 36 hours post-contest as your body will start to store everything it gets in order to fill up its reserves. 
  • You will hardly be satisfied with your physique:
Once you have been in the best shape of your life, it can be extremely hard to feel happy with your body again. Anything other than your stage-shape makes you feel 'fat' or 'soft'. Trust me, you are NOT. 
You are just at a more maintainable shape. Staying stage-lean for a long period can be extremely dangerous for you health as your body is at its limits. And catching a virus before your show or at a very shredded state is anything but fun, believe me.
When I was 1 week out of my first show, I caught a gastro-intestinal infection and I felt like crap. I had no energy, was dehydrated and I was so happy when the infection was gone one day prior the show. Of course, on the one hand I lost more water which made me look leaner, but on the other hand this could have turned out really bad. So no matter how great you looked on stage, make sure to be satisfied with your post-competition shape as well. Because after all, you still look freaking amazing!
  • What the hell do you do with your time now?
You spent so much time in the gym. You hit the gym in the morning for your fasted cardio, in the later afternoon for your second gym session, you followed a very strict diet, you stayed at home recovering from your training sessions and did nothing else than sleep, train and eat (maybe going to work too)... And now? Less cardio, no strict diet anymore, maybe even a week off from training...  What should you do with your life now?
Well, I have a great advice for you: Spend time with your family and friends. I am sure they missed you a lot during your prep as you couldn't enjoy a get-together at the restaurant , nor at the cinema as sweets and temptations were lurking everywhere. They will be happy to have a lovely YOU back. 
  • Cardio, is that spanish?
Even though you don't have to hit a fasted cardio session every morning, try to keep your cardio up. This will help your body to adjust. By all the means, take a week or even two off from gym. But I would recommend to keep up for some daily cardio. This doesn't have to be a 1-hour hiit session, where you are dripping in sweat. Walking your dog, going for a hike or simply enjoying a bike tour is already enough. 
  • You may look like a snake shedding its skin:
Depending in which federation you compete, you may have a very dark tan which doesn't come off evenly. This may also depend on the tan you use and how many layers you put on. Getting a great scrub and a scrub-glove makes it easier for you to get rid of that tan. Try to get it off from your hand, face and neck first, as people will probably think that you have experimented with a bad self-tanning lotion. And don't forget to put on a moisturizer afterwards, your skin will thank you. (If you still need advice for your stage tan, this post might be interesting for you ) 
  • 'Did you win?'
You will be asked the most annoying questions after your competitions; 'did you win?' 'how much money did you win?'. Just be honest and don't be afraid telling them if you didn't won. Winning is not everything. This is much more than just a trophy. Getting through a competition diet, getting on stage and completing what you've started already makes you a champion. Try to explain this to your family and friends. They will be proud of you anyway. 
In Bodybuilding, no matter what category you compete in, you will get more butt-kicks than trophies. Stepping on stage with your best possible shape makes you a winner and getting a trophy is just like the cherry on top of the cake. 
  • Set new goals:
Setting new goals or higher ambitions after your first season will keep you motivated and will keep the post-show blues from indulging too much. Post-contest blues have to be taken seriously. You will feel lost, unmotivated and sometimes even a little depressed. Try not to let these bad thoughts consume you. This is pretty normal as you have been so enthusiastic for your show. Try to stay positive. 
  • Get feedback:
Don't bother the show organiser as they probably get hundreds of emails for feedbacks. If you want  feedback, look at the official stage photographs. This is how you can best assess what you need to improve. Ask you coach for a feedback, and don't get upset when he critizies you, you should be open for contructive critics. Decide on a game plan for your next show. This will keep you motivated as well. 
  • You cannot please everyone:
Bodybuilding is a subjective sport. YOU have to be happy with the way you look. YOU are the one who has to walk around with this amazing body for the rest of the year. You simply cannot please everyone. You only have to please yourself 

That said, I wish every athlete a great autumn season. Do your best and rock the stage.
No abs, bloated as hell. But who cares? 
So happy about my cheatmeal breakfast in last autumn after the Universe contest. 

Yes, indulging after a show is pretty awesome. 
Smiling and happy me again, with my dad. 

Donnerstag, 20. August 2015

Why Fit Shaming?

Got some nice gains I think

Recently there has been a huge push for women to love their body and to be more positive about them.
Which is totally awesome. I think the worst thing you can do is making fun of somebody else whether they are overweight or totally muscular.
Here are some things I was told myself and what I think about them:

  • Some people think it's okay to call 'us' (bikini/fitness/physique-athletes) gross just because we are more muscular. Calling someone 'gross' while that person isn't doing something 'gross' makes you an idiot. 
  • It's not unusual that I get asked to eat something, like junk or 'just that little bite' of a muffin. Why do you feel the need to interrupt my diet? Mind your own business and food and don't bother me and my meal plan. 
  • 'This can't be healthy...' Yep, I'm sick of that one. We are always working out too much, taking too many supplements , maybe we're also injecting some stuff,who knows? While athletes have a low body percentage they can still be healthy and active. You call athletes unhealthy just because they have less body fat, but what about people eating junk and refined sugars all day? Is that healthy?
  • Of course everybody has their preferences, which is good, otherwise it would be a bit boring. BUT telling a fit women she looks like a man or unattractive just because she has a shredded body is just plain stupid and you probably don't have the intellect to realize how awesome we are.
  • If you lift, you probably have heard these sentences at least once:
' I don't lift, I don't want to look like that'  
Well sweet-heart, if you want that 'fitness model' body you probably have to hit the gym. 
' I don't like muscular men' 
Stop lying! I am sick of girls saying they don't like men with muscles. Because EVERY TIME we are on the road as a team, meaning with our bodybuilders, the boys get the craziest and flirting looks ever. 
'That guy is probably a douche'
Where does this fuzz come from that bodybuilders or athletes are stupid, have no intellect or are brainless? I know many athletes that have more intellect than 90% of those people judging them.
  • Why can't we just be whatever we want to be? Either we are too skinny, too fat, too muscular, too blonde, too women, too alive or whatever. This is an unfortunate truth. And you know I'm right.
  • Saying that she has lost her boobs because of the sports is like saying she has big boobs because she's fat. Women say things out of jealousy. However,there is seriously no damn reason for women to hate on each other. Chicks before dicks, right? 
  • Overweight people have probably also received backhanded and cowardly compliments like 'You're so pretty for a girl your size'. Now athletes seem to get them too. Here are some of them:

    ' I wish I had your commitment. It's so impressive, but I don't want to spend my free-time in the gym. But I totally respect you'
    'Some people think female lifters are manly, but you really embrace your muscles, great thing for you!'
    Do you really think we are THAT stupid and naive?
  • Talking about 'free time'. Why the hell do people keep commenting on how long we are staying in the gym and losing our 'free time'? Helloo... the gym IS our free time. It's OUR place where we can switch off the world from your bulls***, from everyday worries and simply enjoy and love what we're doing.Why is it o.k for every kind of hobby to spent hours and hours on it, but when it comes to your own health and body improvement it's just 'too time consuming'. BLAH.
Shaming should never happen. Basta.

In our world of fitness and meal prep, we should celebrate those trying to be healthy. For the out-standers that feel the need to comment how a muscular woman has probably a dick or how a guy looks like he injects , you have no damn clue how many people start lifting just because they have been bullied. 

If you like lifting heavy ass weights, don't listen to the nay-sayers and build your own body.
proud of my booty gains

If you conquer your mind, you conquer the world

Dienstag, 18. August 2015


Team Powerfood's J-M.B
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend even though the weather wasn't the best here in Luxembourg. 
As for me, my weekend was pretty productive. 

Usually I take my rest days on Saturday and Sunday that have more time for important things like chilling on the couch and thinking about the gym... #gymratproblems.
But as I couldn't workout the first two days of the week and didn't want to skip two training days I worked out this weekend.

On Fri-yay the gym is always so empty which is of course good for me. Empty gym,happy me. So I had all the place and equipment to myself to hit a great upper body workout consisting of biceps, triceps and side delts. Right now I am focusing on my upper body ever since I realized that my back and legs are my strong points and develop pretty fast. And you know what they say about your weak-points?  

' Work on your weaker spots first '

Saturday consisted of a high-reps/low-weights leg session. As I said, they develop quite fast. 
Sunday was my favorite workout day of the week because the whole Team Powerfood's J-M.B came to Factory4. Seeing my teammates again and exchanging experiences and talking about the different training methods felt really great. 

The looks we got from the few other people when we entered the gym were priceless. It was one of those 'Walking-in-while-there-is-an-explosion-in-the-back' kind of moments haha. Of course we have some great bodybuilders and athletes in our gym too, but when an entire team arrives, then this can be pretty impressive I think. 

While the boys hit an intensive shoulder and back workout, the other focused on legs and I trained my biceps, triceps and shoulders (side&back). 

After our routines, we , the girls, decided to do a little bikini-posing workshop since the dance hall wasn't occupied. Sammie and Anne, our new aspiring bikini athletes, did pretty well and I think it won't take long until they get the hang of posing. For their first posing workshop ever it was really good, considering that the boys had to joke around in the back which made it very hard to focus. I think a posing-workshop once a month should be enough to get the perfection as both of them have a great body control. 

To finish this great day, we went to a Chinese restaurant, named Belle-City in Dudelange, to devour (almost) all the sushis from the sushi train.Speaking literally...
Unfortunately, we weren't complete as some of us had to work or already started the preparation for the autumn season. But there will be more occasions to empty the sushi train muaha.

Wishing you an excellent new week with lots of motivation and success. 

After the gymsession, ready for suhi

Montag, 10. August 2015

How to stay healthy on vacation

Many people are working out the entire year only to that desired bikini body for the upcoming summer vacation. Of course summer vacation sounds super nice, especially when you're on the road for fun and have booked an all inclusive hotel where you have to worry about nothing.

But isn't it a bit contradictory that you change your eating habits BEFORE you go on holiday and tend to completely forget about in DURING your holiday? Of course you're on vacation, but does that mean that your efforts don't matter anymore? 

How can you make your trip healthier?

1. Do your research before booking: 

  • Find out what type of bars/restaurants are near your hotel and which ones serve the type of food you want and need.
  • If you want to scale your food, book a room with a small kitchen or an apartment
  • Find out where the best and nearest grocery store is (especially if you don't get lean meat or something similar in the hotel)
  • Pack healthy snacks (more here)
  • Limit your alcohol intake while lying at the pool or on the beach. A juice, e.g fresh lime juice, is healthier,way more refreshing and much more thirst-quenching.

2. Be Active:

  • Book a hotel with a nice fitness area and a huge sports-program or check the surroundings for a nearby gym. 
  • Unless you're wearing high-heels, try to walk everywhere. (except when it hot as hell outdoors,don't want your circulatory system to crash down ). Walking to the restaurant in the sunset with your beloved can be much more romantic then taking the cab, plus you get to see the city. 
  • Move in the plane. Long flights can be very boring and get the blood stuck... Therefor stand up at least once every hour. Stretch out a bit in the aisle and do some movements to keep the blood flowing.

3.  Chill out: 

  • AsI said, long flights can be challenging, especially when you have a crying baby on board. Lean back and try to 'meditate' a little and try to switch off the 'world' to get rid of that inner stress.
  • Bring your headphones. Listening to music makes it easier for you to chill and you don't get upset because of a crying baby or your neighbor listening to heavy metal music. 

4. ZzZzZz:

  • Don't go out the day before you leave for vacation. A stressed and tired body is the worst thing on a holiday-trip. 
  • When you had a long flight, get some sleep once you arrived at the hotel. (or latest when your room is ready)  

5. Water: 

  • I suppose that you're on the way to a 'beach'-holiday. So remember to have at least a little water bottle with you all the time to stay hydrated
  • Don't forget your water intakes during your flight as well. Planes always have very low humidity which causes dehydration and dry skin.

6. Boost your immune system BEFOREHAND: 

  • Airports can be super crowded, the air quality is terrible and filled with bacteria and viruses. Therefor, a hand sanitizer is an absolute must-have before and after hoping on and off the plane. 
  • Don't forget the basic medications (syrups, nasal spray, anti-diarreh  etc)
 Now that you're well prepared for your holiday, I wish you a good trip and enjoy the sun.

Samstag, 1. August 2015

Eat your stress away #2

After discussing the impact of stress on our eating habits and giving you some tips in theory, we are now taking this into practice.

Here are some useful tips to improve your eating habits even whenyou're totally stressed.
  • Breakfast: 
NEVER skip breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day which should give you energy and great fuel throughout your day. (more here) If you are really on a rush, just grab a fruit and slice it into your yogurt. 
  • Lunch and Dinner: 
Try to include healthy stuff like oven baked potatoes , tuna, sushi (more here) , vegetable soup, salad, or the healthy meals from fittaste (more here). When you're having lunch with you collegues during lunch break in a restaurant, try to opt for healthy choices instead of a cheese packed pizza or pasta which will only make you crave for sugar afterwards. 
  • Snacks: 
Keeping your metabolism on the run and sustaining your energy calls for a little planning (more here). To get some good fuel, you may bring a banana, yogurt, nuts or raisins instead of a snickers or a sugar-packed industrial 'muesli'-bar. 
  • Beverages:
As described in the first part of this post, you may remember that caffeine-drinks isn't the right way. Drink more water to avoid dehydration and protect your kidneys. Or, 100% fruit juice or herb teas to get some minerals and vitamins. 
  • Supps: 
To replace the nutrients depleted by stress, you may consider supplements like B or C vitamins, calcium, magnesium or zinc. Herbal supps such as aloe vera (more here) and lemongrass (more here) help to digest properly, just as ginger, fennel, mint, dandelon and meadowsweet teas.

After considering these tips, you should notice the benefits within days already. If you still feel stressed and nervous inwardly, I highly advise 'Bach' flowers which are also available without prescirption as it's homepathic.

Montag, 27. Juli 2015

Back on Track

Happy to hit the gym again

You all know how addicted I am to sports and to those heavy a** weights, don't you? 

But after many straining gym-sessions from January on, it felt really good to take a week off from the gym. My body was already screaming for a rest and made me feel it by giving me some aches here and there.
Usually you're supposed to take a break every 8-10 weeks, but as I was preparing for my competitions and afterwards for the guest-posings, I couldn't go on a break earlier.

To be honest, it felt quite awkward to leave for work in the morning without packing my gym bag and going home straight from the office without hitting the gym.
While the first two days felt like freedom with a slight feeling of having forgotten something all the time (because I didn't have to pack my gym-bag), the last two days were filled with boredom and I couldn't wait for Monday to arrive. Yes, you heard right, I was looking forward to a Monday. 

This 'off'-week' made me realize how my actual 'free time' has turned into my 'gym time' . Even though that's not a sacrifice for me as I love it, but now I have a slight idea of why people tell me that I am training too long or too much.

But you know what? I simply don't care haha. 
I am so looking forward to hit the gym this evening again and kill my legs. 

Freitag, 24. Juli 2015

Eat Your Stress Away #1

When you're stressed, your body produces adrnaline to give you a little energy boost. Unfortunately your blood-sugar level also drops afterwards and you need food to fill it up again. 

Who doesn't know these stressful situations in high school or university when you have to study and pass exams? Or at work, when you have so many things to do... and then there's that delicious chocolate bar and this specific piece of cake that would just perfectly fit into the situation, right? 

It's not a surprise that, when our stress levels go up, our resistance to 'comfort' food decreases. I've experienced this a lot during my high school years. Yes, I haven't always been a healthy fairy... 

Of course we grab our favorite foods, when we're stressed because we LOVE it and it actually makes us happy, but moderation is the key people. 
With the right nutrition, you can take a positive step toward combating stress and facing the challenges of the day. 

Here are some tips to solve these problems all by protecting your health: 
  • Bloating: 
Nobody wants a bloated belly. It's unpleasant and stressful, because it doesn't make us feel comfy in our skin. Being bloated may come from wheat products such as bread, pasta, cakes and biscuits, or from dairy products like milk, cheese, butter or cream. By cutting down some of these products you will quickly notice how the problem eases. 
  • Caffeine: 
How to stay focused while studying or working on a heavy case at work? Yes, you grab a coffee or some caffeine drinks. But unfortunately these raise your stress-level even more and can also lead to insomnia and dehydration. So you are making things even worse. A better option are herb teas, or prepare a lemon infused water as it's packed with vitamin C, which also lowers your stresshormone (cortisol).
  • Cravings:
These bad guys normally appear during the 'post-lunch' and increase at hormonal times under stress. To get rid of cravings, you can try to include small portions of the craved item into your usual diet. If you need more tips about healthy foods and how to avoid cravings, you may read my article here. 
  • Indigestion:
Eating in the middle of a stressful situation , or eating on the run because you are in a rush, can lead to indigestion as the digestive system is not relaxed. Take your time when eating. Get up a little earlier to have a relaxed breakfast , believe me your body will thank you for it.
  • Sugar highs&lows:
Of course your brain needs glucose to perform, but sugary foods only cause your level to spike and then drop, which again leads to sleep-mode and a lethargic mood. And then, may lead to another sweet craving, and before you realize it you've entered the vicious circle.

To give you an example of what foods can help you precisly, check out the second part of this post where we're taking theory to practice.
Lemon-Lime-Mint infused water
Berry smoothie
Raspberry-Green Tea to stay focused

Montag, 20. Juli 2015

Sponsored by...

The past two weeks have been such a crazy roller-coaster ride and I still can't believe which wonderful opportunity has opened its doors to me.
This achievement marks a huge milestone in my (still ) little competitor career and I couldn't be more grateful.

But before I'll start bursting the big bubble, I want to thank every single one who supported me,whether in real life or on my different social media channels. You guys are such a huge motivation for me and it makes me overly happy to be able to give so many of you the same motivation.

Now drum-rolls please!
I am officially sponsored by Powerfood's J-M.B!
Isn't this absolutely beyond limits?
Jean Marie Bermer, founder of Powerfoods' JMB announced these incredible news during his closing speech at his annual jaarmarkt with every single athlete on stage, and as I was completely unaware, I was overwhelmed to the point that I had tears of joy in my eyes. But I was not the only athlete who was offered a sponsoring contract; Olivier F. a great athlete and teammate is now sponsored by Powerfood's J-M.B as well, congratulations!

This definitely made the perfect ending to a perfect day at Powerfood's JMB annual jaarmarkt.
Thank you Jean Marie, not only for being my coach, but also for always being a great supporter and friend.
I'm so lucky to consider myself part of this awesome team and with every event it seems like we all grow together even more and I am also pleased to say that we got another new team member, who is also a very good friend of mine. It was about time that I got some active support as the only girl in the team.

I never thought that I would get a sponsoring contract after only one year of competitions.
That's definitely the best gift and thing that could have happened to finish this awesome season with my team.

Emotional Speech by Yannick for our coach
Team Powerfood'S J-M.B at a Télévie Charity event

Sonntag, 5. Juli 2015

Camomile Benefits

Starting my day off with a selfmade camomile ice tea
Since there are a lot of girls out there waisting lots of money on these 'super efficient social media sponsored' detoxes to purify their body, but with the main aim to lose weight, I want to show you that you don't have to spend all of your hard earned money. 
Everybody has been sick at least once I guess. And what kind of tea have you consumed? Yes, Camomile, right? That's because the active ingredient in camomile essential oil, known as bisabolol , has a great number of anti-irritant, -inflammatory and -microbial properties.

This simple tea can help you with : 

  • Insomnia and other sleeping disorders
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Muscle twiches
  • Wounds burns and scrapes
  • Skin conditions: Psoriasis, eczema, chickenpox or diaper rash
  • Stomach problems: menstrual cramos, stomach flu and ulcers

How to use camomile: 

  • Stomach Cramps: 
As camomile is high in anti-spasmodic and -inflammatory it has been found to be very effective in treating stomach and intestinal cramps. Prepare yourself a cup in the morning and in the evening while the symptoms are present. 
  • Insomnia:
Instead of taking sleeping pills, make yourself a teacup 30 to 45 minutes before sleeping to fight sleeping disorders like insomnia. 
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome:
Because a bloated belly isn't the best thing for summer, drinking camomile tea can relieve excessive gas and bloating in the intestines. It also helps relieve irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, gastroenteritis and stomach flu. 
  • Migraines:
Everybody suffering from migraines knows how straining this can be. When you start noticing the symptoms, drink some camomile. For me, that's when the back of my head starts to 'burn' and when I get a flickering in the right eye. Camomile works best before the real headaches starts. 
  • PMS and Cramps:
Due to it's high amount of anti-irritant,-inflammatory and -microbial properties, camomile has been found to be beneficial in treating PMS and cramps. 
  • Burns and Scrapes:
Its anti-inflammatory contents help you treating burns. Simply rub a small amount of oil gently across the burned area once a day. 
For scrapes and burns, yo can also brew a stronger tea by adding 3 tea bags to one cup. Let the tea cool down and use it as a compress on the wounded areas. You can also use it for bladder infections. When I was a little fairy I had this a lot and camomile helped a lot fighting this infection. 
  • Lightening your skin: 
Add two camomile tea bags to 1/2 L of boiling water in a pot and place your face above the steaming pot of camomile tea. A normal bath in water mixed with camomile tea works as well. 
  • Reduce dark circles around eyes:
Camomile is a great remedy to relieve eye fatigue and dark circles. Remove your two teabags after 5 minutes from the warm water and let them cool to room temperature. After, you may place them on your eyes at night as a compress. Wake up and look fresh. 

So, instead of spending lots of money on social media detox plans, save your money and go for camomile. It also tastes very well as an icetea, especially during these hot summer days. Prepare your normal tea, let it cool down , add some lemons or limes along with crushed ice and you got the perfect natural purifying drink for summer. 

While camomile is a real magical drink, high doses can still be dangerous to some individuals. 
Some side effects of overdose include drowsiness, vomiting or skin reactions.  People allergic to ragweed pollen or with hay fever may have difficulties using camomile. 
Pregnant women should avoid camomile as well as it's considered to be an abortifacient (a substance that induces abortion). While taking blood thinners, avoid camomile as well as it contains coumarin, which is also a blood thinner. 
Having a camomile ice tea on the go

Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2015

Things you didn't know about me

Now that my blog is online for over a year now, I think it's time to unveil the truest 'me'. 
But as you are now about to get to know me, I thought it would be fun as well if you left that one or other funny fact about youself. Nevertheless, I want to learn something about my faithful readers as well.
  1. My real name is not Lifting Fairy, but Jennifer... (sorry for that haha)
  2. I am also not Batman
  3. I cannot fly but I can lift
  4. I don't own fairy dust , but I got protein powder, which is way better actually. 

Just kidding... here are some real facts about me

  1. My very first pet was a bunny, called Speed. But he wasn't a normal dwarf-bunny, he was more a mixture of a real rabbit and a dwarf bunny. 
  2. I had two lovely fluffyballs before Mumble. Balu and Pumba, also Bernese Mountain Dogs that I loved endlessly. ( Run Free my loves) 
  3. I did gymnastics for 12 years and own a lot of medals (so proud about that)
  4. I did athletics for one summer season. Even though I loved it very much, it was just too cold to go outside in winter for a run or even for cross-run... I definitely hate sports outside, in Winter of course. 
  5. I have a Jazz Dance Diploma from the 'Conservatoire du Luxembourg' with a grande distinction.
  6. I thaught Pole Dance to myself and taught beginner classes for almost 3 years
  7. People used to call me 'little dutch' because I had very white-blonde hair, deep blue eyes and a tanned skin all the time. (unfortunately not anymore)
  8. My best friend (except my sister) was my first friend and we met right after her birth. (Because I was born in April and she in May)
  9. In 3rd grade I almost cut off a finger due to a dare. The thing I had to throw turned out to be glass and not plastics... whoops. 
  10. I'm a little maniac for cleaning and tidying up, already had that when I was very young. 
  11. I used to believe that when the airbag in the car bursts, sandwiches would pop out. This was actually because I used to place my feet on the airbag when I could sit in front and to prevent me from doing this my mum told me that the airbag might open and then the sandwiches will fly through the car. ( The sandwiches were actually lying ON the cupboard... so it was a big misunderstanding haha) 
  12. When I was a little fairy I never touched my navel because I thought my butt would fell of... ( yep you may laugh that's really funny haha) 
  13. I have a huge fear of hornets and wasps because I was  tung by a huge hornet that almost killed me as the sting was near the heart... So no matter where I am, and I really mean NO MATTER WHERE, when a wasp or hornet appears I am running away... sorrynotsorry
  14.  When I get a laughing fit I sound like a guinea pig at its loudest squeaking.
So I think that's enough, otherwise it gets a bit too weird over here. 
I hope you had that one or other good laugh, and I bet with the navel thing and the butt, right? 

I'm looking forward to your funny facts.
Bikini posing at an early age
once a fairy, always a fairy
Me and my best and oldest friend, Nora
Sports; Gymnastics, Rollerblading & Snowboarding
Gymnastics ( I'm the very left) 
Jazz Dancing (front right) 
Pole Dancing during a show

Dienstag, 23. Juni 2015

Morning Insulin & Carbs

Egg Protein with nuts
Before I start talking about why you should avoid carbs in the morning, here's some information about insulin understand the whole process.

Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas to control your blood sugar levels. If you consume too much glucose (e.g. from carbs) , insulin is released to facilitate the transfer of glucose out of the blood, as it's toxic in higher amounts. Glucose is then transported to your tissues. The remaining glucose is used either as fuel for your brains, muscles and other cell functions, to top up your glycogen reserves in the muscles and liver , or (worst scenario) is stored as fat in adipose tissue, and thus prevents you to look hot as hell during summer.

Therefore, if you want to get ready for summer and burn fat, high insulin levels aren't the way to go as it will prevent the stored fat to be burned and consumed as fuel.
The insulin sensibility is as its highest during the first part of the day, especially after you woke up. This means that your body actually can consume and process carbs better in the morning, but this doesn't mean that you should eat carbs in the morning, especially when you want to get lean. You should try to keep your insulin levels low by eating a healthy and balanced amount of good fats and lean protein.

For to those reasons, try to cut the grains, fruits and any other carbs after waking up, opt for healthy fats and lean protein. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying to eat bacon or eggs grosses, go for hard boiled eggs and some nuts like almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts.

The best would actually be lean fish, meat or some avocado. I know this doesn't sound like breakfast, I was a bit surprised too, when I was told to eat meat or fish in the morning, but believe me that you will feel better and have a lot more energy until lunchtime without a typical 10am craving.

To get an idea of healthy fats, a previous article of mine could help you (here). 

And for those who think that they can't have fish , meat or something like that in the morning... Your body and your eating habits can adapt themselves very fast, all you have to do is a little step forward. Honestly, before my competition preparation , I couldn't even smell eggs, fish or meat in the morning. But now I am always looking forward when my diet plan says eggs with turkey ham.
#1 meal: protein shake& nuts, #2 meal turkey ham with crackers and strawberries
egg white omelet
chicken burger with pear &some almond butter