Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2015


PIBA has released a brand new collection with a whole new concept. Weeehhh! Well those who follow me on my Facebook-page may already know that.

The previous PIBA collections were all colorful, bright and playful, thus Mel (from PIBA) thought to launch a whole new concept. The new prints are the hallmark's of the new collection. These prints make it possible to wear your comfy gymtights also outside of your second home. Hence the conecpt amount to darker, urban-street-style prints instead of colorful and bright prints. 

As the leggings were produced by a new manufacturer , the overall quality is a million times better and has some new and improved features like: 
  • super strong and durable flatlock stitchig
  • new, high quality fabric, which is even more durable and soft to the skin
  • a compression-like fit, so perfect for your legsessions (#squatsproved)
  • comfortable, flattering waistband with encased elastic
  • crotch gusset. 
In the new collection you can find prints like the bandana (c.f pictures), b/w anaconda, red lynx or white combat/camouflage. I am definitely a fan of the bandana print as it reminds me of the 90ies where everybody wore bandanas around the neck, in the hair or as a bracelet.

If you want to treat yourself with a pair of awesomeness, you also have to know that the weblink changed to , plus you get 10% off your purchase using my special promo code >> JEN10%OFF <<. Be sure to also use the hashtags #iwearpiba and #physiqueint when showing-off with your fancy gymwear.

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