Montag, 5. Oktober 2015

Team Posing Day

The Team Powerfood's J-M.B
After our successsful team meeting a few weeks ago, J-M decided to organise a Posing Day for all the members who recently joined our team. By the way, I'm so happy that our team grows bigger and bigger. We actually have new athletes in every category and I finally get some female support by my sister (fashionbarbecue) , Anne (a good friend) ,Sheila, Linda and Zoé...
Brace yourselves boys, the ladies are taking over.
As our federation, the NAC, announced that the Men's Physique category is, from the next season on, officially accepted, a lot of aspiring athletes joined as well. And so far it looks very promising because everyone is highly motivated.

The Posing Day was held at J-M's place, as he has the perfect spotlights for a posing practice and the space of course. Olivier F. did the Men's Physique Posing, Yannick S. the Bodybuilding and Athletic posing and I did of course the Bikini/Shape-Posing with my ladies. And it was a real success. Almost the whole team joined the posing day and this meant lots of fun, as always. 

If you want to get more impressions of our Team posing day, you are welcome to check out the movie on my YouTube Channel (below). By the way, it's the very first time you will hear me speak in a video... So don't judge hihi (#excited).
For pictures, you can have a look at some pictures on my Facebook page (here). 

Enjoy your week. 

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