Samstag, 1. August 2015

Eat your stress away #2

After discussing the impact of stress on our eating habits and giving you some tips in theory, we are now taking this into practice.

Here are some useful tips to improve your eating habits even whenyou're totally stressed.
  • Breakfast: 
NEVER skip breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day which should give you energy and great fuel throughout your day. (more here) If you are really on a rush, just grab a fruit and slice it into your yogurt. 
  • Lunch and Dinner: 
Try to include healthy stuff like oven baked potatoes , tuna, sushi (more here) , vegetable soup, salad, or the healthy meals from fittaste (more here). When you're having lunch with you collegues during lunch break in a restaurant, try to opt for healthy choices instead of a cheese packed pizza or pasta which will only make you crave for sugar afterwards. 
  • Snacks: 
Keeping your metabolism on the run and sustaining your energy calls for a little planning (more here). To get some good fuel, you may bring a banana, yogurt, nuts or raisins instead of a snickers or a sugar-packed industrial 'muesli'-bar. 
  • Beverages:
As described in the first part of this post, you may remember that caffeine-drinks isn't the right way. Drink more water to avoid dehydration and protect your kidneys. Or, 100% fruit juice or herb teas to get some minerals and vitamins. 
  • Supps: 
To replace the nutrients depleted by stress, you may consider supplements like B or C vitamins, calcium, magnesium or zinc. Herbal supps such as aloe vera (more here) and lemongrass (more here) help to digest properly, just as ginger, fennel, mint, dandelon and meadowsweet teas.

After considering these tips, you should notice the benefits within days already. If you still feel stressed and nervous inwardly, I highly advise 'Bach' flowers which are also available without prescirption as it's homepathic.

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