Freitag, 8. Mai 2015


I hope your week was as good as mine...
The reason why is because I start to see improvements again while feeling better day by day. 
Being now 3 weeks out of my last contest for this season, I am more motivated than ever. 
Maybe because it's the World Championships.

Even if the competition season will be over in 3 weeks, this doesn't mean that I will stop eating the healthy way. I am not saying that I 'have to' eat healthy and balanced but I want to keep a good shape since there are still some events left where my team and I will perform posing routines and represent our team.
Plus, it's like eating potato chips, you don't eat just one single chip...

I have never been in such a great shape and never felt that good and comfortable in my own body that I never want to miss this feeling anymore. And summer is just around the corner and who doesn't want to be in shape for summer, right? 

Talking about getting in shape I have to say that I am very proud of my pumpingfairies working out almost everyday and staying motivated all the time. I know that sometimes it's not that easy and at some point you just feel like giving up, but seeing that you are NOT, makes me really happy and it motivates me as well to keep going.

If you also need some motivation or fitspiration, join our pumping-fairy army by using #pumpingfairy for your fitness & health related posts on Instagram. (Make sure your profile is public, otherwise I can't see your fitspo)

No matter if you are a boy or a girl, everyone is welcome. 
Keep up the good work and enjoy your weekend my loves.
1.  t_veronique had a great run with her fluffy ball
2. jimmy_nutella made a piece of art for dinner
3. li.aah needs motivation
4. bodypassion_ being all happy about her new blackroll soft
5. caro_rouge is as addicted to nike as me ( I totally feel you hihi )
6. highheelskills did a great transformation. Keep up the good work.
7. fashionbarbecue enjoying lunch by fittaste (review soon on my blog)
8. sarah_48612 had a green mango , kiwi and spinach smoothie with oats and chia seed for breakfast
9. bunnyworksout being really happy with her shoulders lately

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