Freitag, 15. Mai 2015


Wow... that was quite a short week for me... 
On Monday I had a day off and yesterday too since it was Ascension Day.Oh I wish weeks would always be that short. 

What have you been up to yesterday?
As for me, I got up a little earlier to hit my fasted cardio. I decided to do this at the gym because it was a little fresh yesterday morning and I seriously don't want to risk a cold or something.
In the late afternoon I went back for my leg session, the 2nd for this week, and of course another cardio session on the bicycle to finish this workout. I think it would be a good idea to rent a little room in the gym and live there for the next two weeks, so I don't have to drive from my home to the gym twice a day. Would be very time-saving , wouldn't it?

I am so glad that I am on holiday next week and until the world championship is over so I can focus on nothing but my preparation: Train. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. That's what my next two weeks will look like. I will also take advantage of my free time to go tanning or to the sauna to relax and lose a bit more water too. 

I really hope that you stay as motivated as I am because I saw a lot of great transformations lately on my Instagram news-feed. With 37 days out of the summer beginning, we still have plenty of time to dig deeper to reach our goals for summer 2015.

In hopes that you are about to experience a marvelous weekend here are my 9 favorite pumpingfairies of the week.
1. erdin_la_vida_loca smashing a badass mirror selfie
2. flouwelsch playing basketball to get a study break
3. healthyme_cn had a tunasalad with detoxwater for lunch
4. kimpinky 's lunch was bellpeper with wholegrain pasta 
5. alixgaspar had an early-morning check-up at our coach's. 
6. pia_fit03 and m.egan__ working their butts off. Keep up the good work girls. 
7. jimmy_nutella doing some cardio
8. caro_rouge hitting some biceps and triceps 
9. li.aah enjoyed her fresh breakfast today, namely coconut yoghurt with fresh mango, oat crunch and chia seeds.

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