Montag, 4. Mai 2015

4 weeks out

dinner: salmon on a carrot-salad. spiced by FlavorGod seasoning 'Garlic Lemon' 

In 4 weeks I will be back from the World Championships in Warsaw, Poland.
I know, 4 weeks sound like much, but if you are in a contest prep, time goes by so quick that you are suddenly on stage and you don't know how this happened. 

Three weeks ago we experimented with carbs, which didn't really work the way we expected, so we are know cutting carbs slowly but surely again to get rid of the water retention. 
Plus, we know now why I didn't get as lean as I wished during the last contest preparations... I have a thyroid insufficiency, which is good and bad news at the same time...but at least we know why I didn't get shredded and we can act to it. 

My current diet an training plan looks a lot different than the previous contest-prep, 4 weeks out. 
Regarding my training routines, I can lift a lot heavier now and with less repetitions and I am always alternating between 3 days working out and one rest day. 

My diet also includes lowcarb and refeed days. Meaning 3 days lowcarb with 1 refeed day, then going on with 4 days lowcarb and 1 refeed again, 5 lowcarb days, 1 refeed until we start the cutting phase the week prior the championships. 

So far everything goes fine. We started this diet program last week (Thursday) and I am happy to see improvements already. I don't feel that bloated anymore, seem a little 'lighter' and due to the decreased carbs, I have more energy ( I know this sounds contradictory) because my digestion doesn't need that much of it anymore to cut down the carbs. 

In addition to that, I will get lymphatic drainages twice a week to cleanse and nourish the cells and enhance the blood flow in my legs. This doesn't only relax my muscles but also improves the definition of my legs. 

In hopes that you had a great start into the week as well, I am couchpotatoeing now.
lunch: chicken with salad and quinoa rice crackers
post-run selfie
breakfast: chicken burger with pears along with 100% almond-butter

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