Freitag, 22. Mai 2015

#pumpingfairy of the week

Today I want to present to you THE pumpingfairy of the week. 

Jimmy_Nutella, as he calls himself on Instagram , was 265lbs at the age of 19 as he mostly ate crap in school and didn't know how to eat clean and evaluate calories...The result: obesity.
Over 2 years he lost about 123lbs and changed his life. Because he knows how hard it was to reach this amazing goal, he raised a project called 'be fit in Highschool, fight obesity'.

When he started to work as a geography teacher in highschool, he didn't only educate the teens about geography but also about health. He gave advices on how to eat clean and tasty at the same time, how to stay motivated and how to workout by still enjoying it. He showed them what inspiration and dedication means. The feedback of the students was so big that he created a fitness area at their school to fight obesity,as we have a lot of students who can's afford a membershp in the gym and want to workout in a group after school to stay motivated. So his project was born. 

15% of the students have to lose weight. His aim is to help them reach their goals and don't experience the same struggle his had back in the years. To draw their attention to a healthy lifestyle he organizes camps , spinning classes, outdoor fitness and nutrition workshop and courses. 
Fortunately he managed to change his life and he wants them to change their life as well. Staying focused and strong is an ability that can change a lot and only by strengthening the mind we can reach our goals. 

Unfortunately the school doesn't have the right equipment for his project, either it's overaged or broken, plus the school doesn't have any budget to support his project. 
But you can support the teens and give them a chance to change. All you have to do is visit this page (here) and donate to support the teens in their fight against obesity. 
Outdoor Fitness
His transformation
A table full of healthy foods

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