Dienstag, 2. Juni 2015

Int. NAC World Championsips 2015

NAC Luxembourg

Yesterday we came back from Warsaw, Poland, where the International NAC World Championship took place and I have a lot to tell you...

We were leaving last Friday early in the night to head over to Charleroi Airport where we took the plane to Warsaw. Arrived in Warsaw at the hotel we still had to wait a little until our rooms were ready. But that wasn't a big issue since I had my meals at hand and a great team around me with lots of humor. So the time passed pretty fast, and same goes for the time spent in the waiting line for the registration.
I met some other athletes from different countries, who all seemed very nice... even though they were all depleting.

Afterwards I was so happy to just lay down in my bed and think about nothing than my next meal before I went sleeping. It also came very handy that the competition itself took place in the hotel.

On Saturday I didn't have to hurry in the morning as it only took me 2 minutes to enter the competition facilty, which was actually 3 floors under my room. So convenient.
After being dolled up with my stage-makeup, jewels and tan, I went down to the backstage area to warm up, but I couldn't. Unfortunately my body didn't cooperate with my mind and I had some serious circulatory problems. Yes I know that's normal when you're dehydrated, but I never felt this bad on my previous competitions.
As this season's goal was to qualify for the World Championships, I already achieved all my goals  (also the Top3 ranking at the J-M.B Open and participation at the FIBO contest). Thus I tried to make the best out of this situation and decided to still step on stage. Of course my presentation was far from being the best, but I didn't gave up and stayed on stage.

In the evening, during the finals, my circulatory problems were gone because I ate some cookies and had water. The first round of the finals was in the evening-dress, and oh my goodness, I have never seen so many beautiful dresses at the same time. They were just fabulous.

Like always, the last round was in the bikini again, where I also recieved my participation-medal, of which I am very proud.
I know that I did my best during the preparation, and I also know that my shape could have been better, but sometimes things just don't work the way you planned it and that's something you have to learn from for future shows.

To finish this exciting day, the whole team went for dinner at the hotel restaurant were everyone of us enjoyed an epic cheatmeal and some drinks at the bar afterwards.

On Sunday we went for some sightseeing in Warsaw and of course ate that one or another delicious cheat. It was a super pleasant day and it felt like being a little family. We were all getting on well with each other and again I realized how lucky and glad I am to be part of this team or let's say fitfamily. That's what a great team is all about. Getting on well with each other, joking around but still being serious when it comes to competing and being 100% honest and supportive with each other.

P.S For more pictures have a look at my Facebook Page (here)
Alix G., Nathy G, and me with our medals and snickers
Selfie before the eveing-dress round
sightseeing in Warsaw

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