Montag, 8. Juni 2015

What's next?

NAC Luxembourg, Team Powerfood's J-M.b
Pheww... That was a long season with great experiences, awesome moments and powerful actions. 

Now that the competitions are over, I already set my goals for the next season but this time I will go for higher ambitions. While there are three more shows waiting for me , I am still sticking to my strict diet for the following two months. Therefor I decided to take a break in autumn, so my body can recover 100% from these straining diets and training routines before attacking the preparation for the next spring season.
Of course I will maintain a healthy and balanced diet, just as intense gym sessions. I mean I don't want to turn into a jiggly-puff over summer and have struggle to lose that extra fat and water again in 2016.

With hindsight, I have to say that I am very proud of myself and about what I achieved this season.Remember when I was talking about my New Year's Goals (Resolutions) ? Well I have attained them ALL. The beginning of tis year could not have been better. I got a Top3 twice at the International Championship (J-M.B.Open) in Luxembourg, I mamanged (thanks to you) to participate at the Miss FIBO Power Beauty Contest 2015 with my best shape so far and I qualified for the International NAc World Championships in Warsaw. 

Even thought I wasn't in the best shape for the World Championships,  I am happy that I did my best and that I hold strong during this entire preparation. It wasn't easy at all, especially the last few days... Oh hell no, how often did I play with the thoughts to throw the towel, just because of the food... It was a tough prepration because my body wasn't 100% ok , so I can't show 100%on stage, but that's totally ok. I've learned from it and this won't happen again.
I am already looking forward to 2016, I hope (and train) for my personal best and that I achieve all my goals again.

Concerning the upcoming shows, there will be one on the 21st June, 11th and 18th July here in Luxembourg.
Our team athletes will perform a guest posing at the FSR Motorshow on the 21st of June in Belval to support kids in their fight against cancer.
On the 11th of July, Powerfood's J-M.B launches its annual jaarmarkt in front of the shop in Kahler where you can benefit from exclusive sales, yummy and healthy food and of course enjoy our posing shows and choreography throughout the day.
We are also guest-posing for a good cause at the charity event Télévie 2015 CHEM Bikers.

I hope to see you there, I am counting on you.
Top5 at the International NAC Championship Luxembourg, placed 2nd and qualified for the World Championships in Warsaw
Marlene M. (right), Alix G. (middle) and me after the J-M.B Open
Top3 at the J-M.B Open 2015. 1st Marlene M., 2nd Li h., 3rd me
Totally happy about my trophies
At the Miss FIBO Power Beauty 2015 in Cologne
J-M.B Open, Round 2, Evening dress
Afer the Miss FIBO Power Beauty 2015
Joking around after the 2nd round at the Int. NAC World Championships Warsaw
Team Luxembourg. Thank you for everything.

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