Dienstag, 18. August 2015


Team Powerfood's J-M.B
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend even though the weather wasn't the best here in Luxembourg. 
As for me, my weekend was pretty productive. 

Usually I take my rest days on Saturday and Sunday that have more time for important things like chilling on the couch and thinking about the gym... #gymratproblems.
But as I couldn't workout the first two days of the week and didn't want to skip two training days I worked out this weekend.

On Fri-yay the gym is always so empty which is of course good for me. Empty gym,happy me. So I had all the place and equipment to myself to hit a great upper body workout consisting of biceps, triceps and side delts. Right now I am focusing on my upper body ever since I realized that my back and legs are my strong points and develop pretty fast. And you know what they say about your weak-points?  

' Work on your weaker spots first '

Saturday consisted of a high-reps/low-weights leg session. As I said, they develop quite fast. 
Sunday was my favorite workout day of the week because the whole Team Powerfood's J-M.B came to Factory4. Seeing my teammates again and exchanging experiences and talking about the different training methods felt really great. 

The looks we got from the few other people when we entered the gym were priceless. It was one of those 'Walking-in-while-there-is-an-explosion-in-the-back' kind of moments haha. Of course we have some great bodybuilders and athletes in our gym too, but when an entire team arrives, then this can be pretty impressive I think. 

While the boys hit an intensive shoulder and back workout, the other focused on legs and I trained my biceps, triceps and shoulders (side&back). 

After our routines, we , the girls, decided to do a little bikini-posing workshop since the dance hall wasn't occupied. Sammie and Anne, our new aspiring bikini athletes, did pretty well and I think it won't take long until they get the hang of posing. For their first posing workshop ever it was really good, considering that the boys had to joke around in the back which made it very hard to focus. I think a posing-workshop once a month should be enough to get the perfection as both of them have a great body control. 

To finish this great day, we went to a Chinese restaurant, named Belle-City in Dudelange, to devour (almost) all the sushis from the sushi train.Speaking literally...
Unfortunately, we weren't complete as some of us had to work or already started the preparation for the autumn season. But there will be more occasions to empty the sushi train muaha.

Wishing you an excellent new week with lots of motivation and success. 

After the gymsession, ready for suhi

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