Donnerstag, 20. August 2015

Why Fit Shaming?

Got some nice gains I think

Recently there has been a huge push for women to love their body and to be more positive about them.
Which is totally awesome. I think the worst thing you can do is making fun of somebody else whether they are overweight or totally muscular.
Here are some things I was told myself and what I think about them:

  • Some people think it's okay to call 'us' (bikini/fitness/physique-athletes) gross just because we are more muscular. Calling someone 'gross' while that person isn't doing something 'gross' makes you an idiot. 
  • It's not unusual that I get asked to eat something, like junk or 'just that little bite' of a muffin. Why do you feel the need to interrupt my diet? Mind your own business and food and don't bother me and my meal plan. 
  • 'This can't be healthy...' Yep, I'm sick of that one. We are always working out too much, taking too many supplements , maybe we're also injecting some stuff,who knows? While athletes have a low body percentage they can still be healthy and active. You call athletes unhealthy just because they have less body fat, but what about people eating junk and refined sugars all day? Is that healthy?
  • Of course everybody has their preferences, which is good, otherwise it would be a bit boring. BUT telling a fit women she looks like a man or unattractive just because she has a shredded body is just plain stupid and you probably don't have the intellect to realize how awesome we are.
  • If you lift, you probably have heard these sentences at least once:
' I don't lift, I don't want to look like that'  
Well sweet-heart, if you want that 'fitness model' body you probably have to hit the gym. 
' I don't like muscular men' 
Stop lying! I am sick of girls saying they don't like men with muscles. Because EVERY TIME we are on the road as a team, meaning with our bodybuilders, the boys get the craziest and flirting looks ever. 
'That guy is probably a douche'
Where does this fuzz come from that bodybuilders or athletes are stupid, have no intellect or are brainless? I know many athletes that have more intellect than 90% of those people judging them.
  • Why can't we just be whatever we want to be? Either we are too skinny, too fat, too muscular, too blonde, too women, too alive or whatever. This is an unfortunate truth. And you know I'm right.
  • Saying that she has lost her boobs because of the sports is like saying she has big boobs because she's fat. Women say things out of jealousy. However,there is seriously no damn reason for women to hate on each other. Chicks before dicks, right? 
  • Overweight people have probably also received backhanded and cowardly compliments like 'You're so pretty for a girl your size'. Now athletes seem to get them too. Here are some of them:

    ' I wish I had your commitment. It's so impressive, but I don't want to spend my free-time in the gym. But I totally respect you'
    'Some people think female lifters are manly, but you really embrace your muscles, great thing for you!'
    Do you really think we are THAT stupid and naive?
  • Talking about 'free time'. Why the hell do people keep commenting on how long we are staying in the gym and losing our 'free time'? Helloo... the gym IS our free time. It's OUR place where we can switch off the world from your bulls***, from everyday worries and simply enjoy and love what we're doing.Why is it o.k for every kind of hobby to spent hours and hours on it, but when it comes to your own health and body improvement it's just 'too time consuming'. BLAH.
Shaming should never happen. Basta.

In our world of fitness and meal prep, we should celebrate those trying to be healthy. For the out-standers that feel the need to comment how a muscular woman has probably a dick or how a guy looks like he injects , you have no damn clue how many people start lifting just because they have been bullied. 

If you like lifting heavy ass weights, don't listen to the nay-sayers and build your own body.
proud of my booty gains

If you conquer your mind, you conquer the world

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