Montag, 7. Juli 2014

New in: Iso-bag

Finally my very own Isobag from Isolator Fitness arrived and I'm so happy about it.
I know that it's only an isolator-bag for my meals, but still, its awesome.
My boyfriend bought himself an Isobag a few weeks ago, and before then I didn't know that they are so functional, and I wasn't aware about how this bag could make my preparation easier. 

At the moment I am not that much on the go,because I still have to study (only 3 days to go!*crossingfingers*), but that doesn't mean that I am sitting at home all day long. I still have to run errands and after my exams even more . I also want to focus more on my preparation, my blog and maybe take up again an old passion after all that studying. Therefore this bag will definitely serve its purpose.

Here is the direct link to get a fancy and functional Isobag.

But before you make your order, let me review the bag:

Even though the bag just arrived, I can still write a short review as I already tried out my boyfriend's bag.
I ordered the bag here , which means that it was delivered in 3 days.

The quality of the bag's material is outstanding, just like the storage space. You can tuck up to 10 lunch-boxes, whether you want to stow big lunch boxes or little ones, they all fit in the bag.
12 lunch boxes and 3 cooling-bags were included in my order
The lunch-boxes are very handy because, not only can you reheat your meals in the microwave, but after returning home after an exhausting day at work you don't have to spend the rest of your day washing the boxes by hand. You simply put them in the dishwasher and relax on the couch. 
Great, isn't it?

Now you may ask yourself ' Can I leave my food in the bag without risking it to taint?' Yes you can! Maybe you don't believe me, but when I left for the Blogger-Business-Trip last week with my sister to Munich, I borrowed Ken's bag and my food was cooled the whole time. The cooler-bags were still icy after our 6-hours car-drive. So no need to worry.
To carry the bag you have the choice between wearing it cross body, on your shoulder or simply in your hand. Even if you bag is fully loaded, the pad on the shoulder strap achieves its purpose and you can easily walk along with your bag without feeling any pain on your shoulder.

Well that's it already. Oh, I also ordered another pack of  ice-bags. I thought that would be a good idea, especially when you forget to put the melted ice-bags in the freezer the day before.

Preparation is no longer the key... ISOBAG is!

Enjoy your week and make it great!

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