Samstag, 5. Juli 2014

No negativity allowed!

Hey there!
This post goes out to everyone who had problems to establish their new lifestyle.

There might come a point in your life where you realize that you don't want to live like this anymore because you figured out that your body is not a trash-can and doesn't deserve to be treated as one. You feel that you want to change your whole habits to become a healthier version of you. GREAT.
You are highly motivated and start reading about how to improve your eating habits, you learn all about clean eating, about weight lifting, you put together your own work-out program , like those you'll find on, and you feel ready to kick through this healthier lifestyle.

But then it happens... Your surroundings don't understand this sudden change, especially your parents, because ' You still look okay' and 'you are not fat.' They are worried because they don't want you to lose too much weight, they are afraid that you may enter an eating-disorder because they only want your best.

Try to state expressively that's it's NOT a diet but a lifestyle-change and that you want to live healthier.  To make it easier for them to understand your new way of life you can start by cooking them one of your new meals.
Prepare something delicious to show that you are still eating enough and that the food tastes great as well. Ask them to buy healthier food at the grocery store instead of pizza, burgers & co.
If this doesn't work, because they have no idea what's healthy and what's not, tell them that you would like to do the grocery-shopping by yourself.
This shouldn't mean that you have to pay out of your own pocket,because maybe you will be given extra pocket money just for your food.

Roughly the same goes for your friends. Give them some time to understand your new lifestyle, and,  same here, don't get mad at them when they don't get it at first and still want to convince you to eat   dessert, have a cocktail or spend a pizza-pasta-ben&jerries-night with them. 

But if your friends still don't understand it after weeks or even months and make fun of you every time you hang out with them, you will become very angry. 
If you are not yelling at them, you will be pissed inwardly. And I am not telling you that this is wrong. I can totally relate to those feelings as I went through this so many times. But don't make the mistake and drop everything, just don't! You have already come so far, don't let it be ruined by some lame jokes.

If they don't want to understand...FINE... if they don't want to change their eating habits...FINE... it's their body and they have to live in it.
But if they are constantly making fun of you , then tell them how you feel about it. Sometimes it's better to stop hanging out with such people. You really don't need that kind of negativity in your life. It will only tear you down, which is anything but healthy.
Certainly this sounds a bit mean, but hey...they just made fun of you, they didn't take you serious and they hurt your feelings, they maybe also killed your motivation for some days... That's what I call mean...

Don't let them tell you that you have an eating-disorder
Don't let them tell you that you will look like a man
Don't let them tell you that you have become addicted to the gym
Don't let them tell you that you are relinquishing some food

Good friends will try to understand what you are doing and will try to motivate and empower you, even if they might have no idea what you are doing. That's what I call real friends.

I know exactly what I am talking about, I have 'lost' so many friends because I changed my way of life, because I wanted to be a healthier version of myself. I am not saying that I am not talking to them anymore or that I banished them forever, but I simply don't hang out with them that much. And now that I decided to start competing, I realized even more who I can call a 'real friend'. It's possible that you will only have 5 friends left, but hey... a true friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find but lucky to have.

I know that it's hard when you have to give up in some way on your friends, but if they don't want to accept your decisions, why do you need them in your life anyways if they only make fun of you?!

Don't let anybody tear you down,because if you want it,you can do it!

Enjoy your weekend!

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