Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014

Transformation Tuesday

Hey people! 
It's me again, with some super awesome news. Last week my boyfriend and I had our third check-up at our coach's and we made another improvements. We are both becoming more and more shredded, which makes me so happy and motivates me even more.
I can't wait until August , because that's when real shredding starts. Enough said now, let's talk the number for themselves:
  • First checkup - Beginning of June: 
Weight: 57,7kg
Body Fat Percentage : 27.9% 
Neck: 33 cm
Chest: 86cm
Arms: 28cm
Waist: 68cm
Hips: 89 cm
Thighs: 55cm
Calves: 36cm
Shirts Size: M
Pants Size: 38
  • Second checkup - Mid-june:
Weight: 57kg => -0,7kg
Body Fat Percentage: 24,6% => - 3,3%

No measurements here as I decided to only measure at the beginning of every month. 
  • Third checkup - Beginning of July: 
Weight: 56,3 kg => -0,7kg
Body Fat Percentage: 22,4% => 2,2%
Neck: 32,5cm => -0,5cm
Chest: 86cm
Arms: 27 cm => -1cm
Waist: 66cm => -2cm
Hips: 85cm => - 4cm
Thighs: 53cm => -2cm 
Calves: 36cm 
Shirts Size: S
Pants Size: 36

I really don't care anymore whether I am losing weight or not. I lost 5,5% body-fat in just one month, which I think is great. I look more shredded than last summer and I feel way better. I hope to lose some more fat until November, so that I will be able rock the stage.

Now to you ladies: 
Don't let the number on your scale affect your mood or your self-confidence. It doesn't matter whether there is a 7, a 6 or a 5 as long as you feel great and see improvements somewhere else.
Do it like me and take monthly measurements, it's way more accurate and you will feel better!

That said, have a nice day!

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