Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014

Lazy Sunday

So, today is Sunday... 
I actually hate sundays. Not because it is the day before Monday but because almost everything is closed and usually I have no idea what to do. That's why I normally clean my room, go on long walks with my fluffy buddy Mumble or just stay at home and watch TV the whole day. 
What are your plans for today? Or how does your typical sunday look like? 

Like I said, it is the day before Monday. So tomorrow my boyfriend and I are having another check-up again. This will be the last check-up before we start our real preparation for our competition in November. I will get a different workout-plan, meaning I will have to workout 5 times per week instead of 4 times, which I think won't be a problem for us since Ken and I used to train 5 times a week,initially. I don't know if my coach will change something on my eating-plan as it actually works quite well at the moment. Well, let's see what he tells us tomorrow.

Here a picture of my baby-ceps hehe . (baby-ceps is a little biceps)
Enjoy your lazy sunday! 

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