Mittwoch, 5. November 2014


Marga's awesome equipment

Before I start writing about my competition-makeup, I wanted to thank everybody for the nice words and compliments about my overall appearance, but especially about my makeup. 

I decided to create a post about it to honor the person and artist behind my makeup, Marga. Ever since she was passionate about creating extravagant make-ups, she decided in 2009 to take a break to leave for Paris, where she took classes to become a professional makeup-artist. And she carried her dream out and now she can proudly call herself a professional makeup artist in Luxembourg and the Great Region. If you have ever experienced how she works, you surely could see how much she loves to visit her clients to create a fabulous makeup, whether it is for a wedding-day, a night out with friends or simply to teach some ladies how to make themselves up with their own maquillage-equipment. Driven by her passion of maquillage, she created her very own beauty blog ' Ma Passion Beauté' ,where she shares her very own vision of beauty, honest reviews about the different cosmetic products she tested herself and many beauty-related articles she doesn't want to deprive us from. 

I met Marga for the first time when I was at the Smets Fashionweek with my sister, weeks ago. Of course we exchanged business cards, chatted a little bit and that was it already. Later I looked at her blog and work and I was just amazed. She is such a great makeup artist , in the truest sense of the word. She really does a brilliant work, I never thought that someone could , let's say, 'paint' so good and so detailed. I am already happy when I manage to apply my eyeliner reasonably at the first attempt, or when I put on mascara without spilling it around my entire eye haha. That's why I decided to ask her to do my makeup for my competition.
I knew that I would be very stressed the morning of my competition that I wouldn't be calm enough to put on my makeup by myself. And thank heaven she still had time to come over. As Ken and I had to be at our coach's at 9.30 am , with an hour car-drive, Marga had to come very very early, and I am so appreciative that she made it to our apartment the earliest possible. Afore I already explained her my ideas for my makeup, and on the day of our appointment she came up with a great idea and adjusted my idea with her vision and the color of my bikini and tadaaa my maquillage was just perfect. I really enjoyed the time when she was here to pretty me up. Marga is such a lovely person and you feel comfortable with her ab initio. So don't worry if you ever want your makeup to be done by her, she is wonderful. I can truly recommend her if you ever want to look absolutely marvelous. 

If you have any further questions about her work, prices or availability, just checkout her blog or Facebook-page
Enjoy the rest of your week my loves. xX
The marvelous Marga

Marga's equipment
Fake lashes
Isn't this makeup fantastic?
Ken and I getting ready after my makeup-session 


  1. Great that you got your make-up done by a professional; the result looks fab. And I like Marga's hairstyle :)

    1. Yes I was too nervous in the morning to do it on my own :p