Mittwoch, 26. November 2014

Innovator 500 by 6 Pack Fitness

Yaaay, my Innovator 500 by 6 Pack Fitness arrived.

I ordered my Innovator 500 at  because the official 6 Pack Fitness Shop doesn't ship to Europe. Therefor I had was on the look out for a serious retailer, which wasn't that easy. But luckily I have a sister who is a total pro when it comes to checking out if an online retailer is fake or not.
Unfortunately, Extremenutrition doesn't carry all the colors of the different products, but they had the color I was looking for and that's all that counts. I paid around 10£ for the shipping, which is in my opinion 'okay' because it comes from the UK. The Renee Tote also went straight into my cart to avoid any additional  shipping costs. (More of my Renee Tote soon)
The bag already arrived after one week, while the website said 14 days, so thumbs up for their fast delivery service

The bag itself is just awesome. The design is just outstanding as the violet details on the zipper give it an extra touch. At first, I wasn't sure if I should take it in pink or not because I thought it would be a little too much. Thanks heaven I have been mistaken, because it's absolutely fabulous.

The bag comes with an ergonomic shoulder strap, six lock-lid containers, two Ice Packs and it's divided into four different departments. Regarding the lock-lid containers, there is one specifically meant for your supplements. The other five containers, that are also BPA/PVC free, microwaveable, leak prove and dish washer safe, offer you a perfect meal management along with the ice-packs and the insulated interior that keeps your food and drinks cold for about 8 hours. 

Another big plus for this bag is that you can take out the entire plastic stack-arrangement of the main department, just in case you have to carry something bigger. Moreover, the two side pockets provide a perfect storage space for bigger bottles like shakers, water-bottles and even fruits.

I've read so many negative reviews about the quality of this product. But so far I have to say that the quality seems pretty good and the bag gives a robust appearance at first sight. The zippers, just as the insulated interior, seem very resistent and not shabby at all (as a lot of people described).

Luckily, the bag arrived just on time, so that I can test it right away on our trip to Hamburg for the Mr.&Ms. Universe weekend. 

Front view
Back view
5 meal management
Supplement box
Gel Ice Pack

A lot of space in the bag


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    1. Jo se ass top, geseiht gudd aus an ass mega praktesch :D

  2. Hun mer och schon iwwerluecht soueen ze kaafen :p mee sin mega ondecideiert mee deen do gesait schon mol vill besser aus wei dei meescht also vun der optik hier ass en net sou opfälleg.. dei meescht gesin aus wei sports kierf :p se missten een erfannen wou och nach Schoulsaachen geingen dran passen daat wier perfekt ^^

    1. Jo also bis elo sin ech mega zefridden;) ma dann musste onbedingt muer op den blog kucken kommen, wannste een sichs wou sou saachen nach dran passen ;)