Donnerstag, 27. November 2014

Renee Tote by 6 Pack Fitness

Yep, I have become a victim of 6 Pack Fitness too, 'thanks' to Instagram... damn it haha. 
After I have been searching endlessly for a new meal management bag, I finally found the 6 Pack bag Fitness account on Instagram. (Remember my post about the Innovator 500?)

I had already heard of it and I saw several bags, when I was at the FIBO in April this year, but back then I didn't know why so many people where queuing up at the 6 Pack Fitness stand... Well, now I know why haha. It was the release and the registration to get one of the first Renee Totes. If only I knew that at that moment.

If you have read my post about the Innovator 500, you should already know that I also ordered a Renee Tote at Therefor I don't lose time on reviewing their shipping again.

Now, I got myself the Renee Tote in Orange. I know that most people would have opted for Beige or Black, but that's exactly the reason why I choose orange hehe. I always try to stand out from the crowd and be a little different. And I can give my outfits a little touch with that bag, while my winter-apparel is usually grey,brown or black. Maybe you wonder why I got another meal management bag? Well, it's because I am going to start my first real job next year and I don't want to carry hundreds of different bags to the office. Thus, I thought the Renee Tote would be the perfect thing. 

Just as the Innovator 500, it seems very resistant and the quality is pretty satisfying so far. You have so many little pockets on that bag and in the bag itself too. From the front it looks like a normal fashionable bag with a lot of storage space. On the back you have another zipper where your meal management hides.

Besides the several little pockets, the bag comes with 4 lock-lid containers (which are the same kind like those of the Innovator), 3 ice-Packs (2 smaller one and a bigger one), and a small round box which is dedicated to your supplements. Just like the Innovator, you can take out the plastic stack-arrangement  if you need space for other things. 
The normal part of the bag is purpose-built to carry larger things like your laptop, paper-stuff but also smaller things like your wallet, smartphone, make-up purse and so on. 

All in one, I am so happy that I bought this bag and that I choose this color, I really love it. 
Of course I will take this bag with me for our trip to Hamburg as we won't stay at the same location all the time. I still want to look fancy and have my meals at hand when we are going to explore the city and the beautiful christmas markets.
Front view
Back view
lock-lid container
The perfect bag for the fancy you
Mini supplement box
All the stuff that comes with the bag


  1. This bag looks so cool! I love the shape, design and the practicality of it.

    1. It is, there is also another design that I admire so much, but it's a little too expensive for the moment as I already bought two meal management bags , maybe for next year hehe. xx