Freitag, 28. November 2014

#pumpingfairy united

Finally it's Friday and finally we also arrived in Hamburg. Now we just have to check-in, register our participation for the competition tomorrow and then we have some spare time to explore Hamburg or simply relax in our rooms.

Therefor the post will be a little shorter. As every Friday now, I am featuring my 9 favorite fitspo pictures from our #pumpingfairy movement on Instagram. I am happy that since last week some more people joined our community, our fitfam is growing bigger and bigger.

  1. Ladymanu86 's transformation
  2. Urbanvalyou Starting her day with a great booster by Powerfood's J-M.B
  3. Anneloesch working out in her fancy nikewear
  4. Manopopeye_ sharing her lunch with us: sweet potatoes, low-fat yoghurt & cinnamon and chicken asia style
  5. Sophieja96  hitting the gym again after 2 weeks
  6. Kleneet25 enjoying a fit salad for lunch
  7. Lauragetsfit.14  doing cardio and an arm routine
  8. Alexscastle 's healthy bolognese with a bit of parmesan
  9. Latanyha2209 showing off with her awesome abs, go girl

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