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Here I am... back from the biggest Fitness&Bodybuilding Expo: FIBO.
I have a lot to tell so let's jump straight into my impressions:

This year was the first time we visited the FIBO on Friday, the trade visitor day. It was much more pleasant and comfortable, even if there were still a lot of people... '16 year old trade visitors' you know what I mean.
After checking out some stands, the first exciting thing we did was standing in line to get a picture with Mr. Olympia; Phil The Gift Heath.
What an awesome athlete and he was very kind too, which you can't tell about everybody unfortunately.

Only a few steps further we crossed the stand with Kay Green, and how could it be any different, we also lined up to get a picture with him. He even took the time to talk with Ken as he was one of the first people who wished him good luck for the next Mr.Olympia and that it would be his year. Even pro athletes need positive feedback from their fans once in a while.

While we were waiting in the line, Sammie (blog here) checked out the stand behind and found a delicious protein ice cream. Yes, a PROTEIN Ice cream. So I immediately added it to my 'to eat' list for Saturday's post-contest meal, just like the 'Oh yeah' bars and the 'Oat King' bars which I wanted to try out already last year.

Even if it was much more calm then on private visitors day, it was still a little hard at some points for me to walk through the FIBO with only 1,5L of water left for the whole day until 6pm. But this also had an advantage, I didn't have to carry liters of water along hehe.Otherwise I felt quite good.

Obviously I also did a little shopping at Better Bodies and Olimp.
I also took the opportunity at the LaBellaMafia stand to meet one of my role models:Alice Matos.
When I went to get a photo with her, she asked me if I was working at the expo because of my pass and she even wished me good luck for my contest, when I told her that I was competing for the Miss FIBO Power Beauty contest. She is really such a sweatheart and looks even better in real life, so no photoshop here, she actually is THAT hot! 

Later I went back to check out the clothes, because at first it was crowded with hectic women and I didn't want to do harm anybody haha (#NoCarbsReactions) While having a look at their printed leggings, Larissa Reis crossed me. After paying my stuff I went straight back to the queue to get a picture with her too. 
Alice Matos was there as well again, so I got a second picture with her, and she was like 'oh hey there again!'... She must think that I am some kind of a super groupie.

On Saturday morning I was only lying on the floor, with my legs up, after getting the spray tan by ProTan, because I didn't want to get all puffy from walking around.
30 minutes before the start of the Miss FIBO Power Beauty contest we could enter the backstage to warm and pump up. When I stepped into the backstage area I instantly understood why we weren't allowed to enter earlier. It was so small and you could hardly warm up without kicking someone with your elbows. When lining up, I could really feel the tension and the buzzing atmosphere caused by excited bikini athletes. 

To be honest, I have NEVER been that nervous to step on stage, not even on my first competition last year. I mean it was a competition at the biggest Fitness&Bodybuilding exhibitions and I was on stage as the only luxembourgish athlete. That's a real honor and I'm still so grateful for this unbelievable experience.

The level was very high, but I was still very happy and thankful to be part of the Top10 participants. That feeling being on the stage at the FIBO Power is just indescribable. Before the nomination of the Top 3, every athlete was given a goodie bag by IronMaxx and a medal. After the price giving, all the athletes were invited to head over to the IronMaxx stand where everyone stepped on stage and did a small posing presentation. 

To be honest, the only thing I was thinking about while being on the IronMaxx stage was : I want my chocolates and sweets... NOW! But the chocolate had to wait a little more, because there were so many people that wanted to take pictures with me, which I still don't get by now...It felt however quite nice.

Afterwards it was finally time for some serious food. I had some chocolates after eating a delicious pasta with a lot of parmesan for lunch. You can't imagine how bloated my belly was.
In the evening I had my epic cheatmeal, which consisted in a fatty cheezy crust 'King Ceasar' at PizzaHut's and some ice cream for dessert. 

But the best thing is yet to come... 
While walking down the streets of Cologne, we crossed MICHELLE LEWIN!!! 
My idol and rolemodel #1. It's out of question that I immediately headed to say hello and take a picture with her.  I was so excited and happy that I had tears of joy in my eyes. 
This encounter made my weekend absolutely perfect. I missed the opportunity to meet her at the LaBellaMafia stand because of the competition, so meeting her in the streets made it even more precious and unbelievable. 

I hope you had an amazing weekend at the FIBO too. If you want to see further impressions, click here.
Line up. Picture by Peak

Taking shots with some people

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