But at least we are not totally doomed. There's still something to do about it.
  • If you see a new member in the gym, who also seems to have no idea what he's doing (especially regarding his/her form during an exercise) , try to explain the movement in a nice and friendly way so that they don't feel completely out of place and fall off the workout wagon again.
  • Don't criticize people who are just doing cardio, yoga or only lifting light weights, especially when they are totally new to the world of fitness. After all, it's still better than sitting on the couch , wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito,eating fatty snacks. I know that sitting around on a steady-bike isn't the most efficient way of losing weight, but let's be honest, at least those people take action. Before I really lifted heavy ass weights some years ago, I was also sitting around on a bicycle for over an hour and maybe doing that one or another set on a machine when nobody was watching.
  • Just start. If you are confident and not intimidated by new places and things, keep going back and improve yourself even more. It's a wonderful journey and even if you are not going to publish it (which isn't necessary at all for your personal success), you are still empowering your friends by your success.
  • Even if you are intimidated and a beginner, at least try to go back one time again. Get your workout clothes on and move. If it takes two weeks for you to feel comfortable in the gym, well then that's how it should be. 
Hitting the gym and working out is a great reward that everybody should have experienced at least once. Break down the barriers of exercise and help beginners to feel comfortable and to develop themselves in order to reach their goals.
my personal first progress
I also do some yoga once in a while