Freitag, 17. April 2015


Hey there, 
I wanted to apologize for my absence over the last three weeks here on my blog and YouTube Channel...I was quite busy and exhausted all the time due to my contest preparations and deloading-phase that I didn't have the energy nor the time to be active on my social medias.

But now I am back and got a lot more time...
Some of you might remember that I told you about how many competitions I will participate in? Well I decided to leave one competition out, the West Germany Competition which will take place the 10th May in Rheinbach.
As I already did 3 competitions, consisting of  intensive training and a very strict and straining diet, I thought it would be best to carb up a little in order to gain back my energy and intensify my training routines with heavier weights and less reps.
Therefor my next competition will be the International NAC World Championship in Warsaw (Poland) at the end of May, which gives me another 6 weeks to dig deeper, carb up a little and maybe get an even better form even though I was satisfied with my form for the luxembourgish contests and even more for the Miss FIBO Power Beauty contest.

In hopes that you had a great weekend in Cologne as well, here are my 9 favorite #pumpingfairies. if you are looking for motivation and support, use the hashtag #pumpingfairy for your fitness-&health related posts, whether it's gym gear, gym selfies, healthy food or your epic cheat meals. 
1. alain_greiveldinger , hats off for your transformation! Keep up the good work
2. jimmy_nutella enjoying the cozy sunrays
3. caro_rouge being totally addicted to nike shoes, I feel you!(#sorrynotsorry right? )
4. xeniia_93 met Larissa Reis at the FIBO2015
5. pia_fit03 , girl you gotta stay strong. You can do it!
6. t_veronique had a great run
7. b_lume prepared a super yummy banana oat strawberry smoothie post-gymsession.
8. urbanvalyou having a steak and quinoa for lunch, just like me today
9. adrianamendes9 showing off her biceps.

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