Montag, 6. April 2015

J-M.B Open 2015

J-M.B Open winners

What an ahhh-mazing weekend it was at the International Championship Luxembourg & J-M.B Open in Luxembourg. 

It was so practical and comfortable that the competition took place in Luxembourg, because I didn't have to get up THAT early to get ready and I made it to the hairdresser's to get my hair done. Before that, I put on my makeup and got the last layer of the cream tan done. 

When I arrived at the competition-facility in Oberkorn , I was one of the first athletes, so I could easily arrange my camp backstage. I still had to wait for the registration tough as it didn't open until 10am.

The first part of the competition was the International NAC Championships of Luxembourg , where the first five could qualify for the International NAC World Championships in Warsaw (Polen). 
When the price-giving ceremony started, I was so nervous but still optimistic since I was called-out with two very great athletes. And then it happened, I placed 2nd in the NAC Championship Luxembourg. So not only did I qualify for the NAC International World Championships in Warsaw, I also became Vice Master of Luxembourg in my category. Isn't that awesome? 

In the evening was the J-M.B Open ,where 4 more athletes joined our category and raised the level a little higher.
In the first round there wasn't any call-out, but in the bikini-round there were two call-outs and I was chosen twice. For the second call-out we were only 3 , and this cleared the podium position up.
I made a 3rd place and I am more than happy and proud about this as the winner and the 2nd placed athlete have an awesome physique and really deserve their rankings. So hats off for them!

But let's not forget my other team mates, who did a very very good job, especially my good friend Alix who participated for the very first time in such a competition. I am so proud of her and I am happy that she joined our team.

It's indescribable how grateful I am to be part of this team. I have NEVER experienced such a great respect, support and honesty among each other.It was already a marvelous start for our team and there are still some competitions left to rock. I am already looking forward to the times we'll spend together on our journeys, backstage and on stage. That's what a real fit-fam is all about. 

And thank you, my family, friends, readers and followers for your support and motivation. And a special thanks to those who came to support us at the championships this weekend. You are truly awesome. 

I still can't believe that we made it... 

Team Powerfood's J-M.B goes to Warsaw

(Click here for further pictures and impressions)
J-M.B Open , round 1: evening dress
2nd call-out
NAC International Championship Luxembourg, placed 2nd
Team Luxembourg goes to Warsaw

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