Freitag, 24. April 2015


TGIF right?

In 5 weeks Team Powerfood's J-M.B will be off to Warsaw, Poland...weehhh.. I am so excited and totally looking forward to this journey as we will stay not only the weekend,but until Monday morning. So if you have any sight-seeing advices or 'must-eat' suggestions, please let me know. 

But before dreaming about Poland, I have to focus on my preparation. 
Last week my coach and I started a new 'experiment'. Meaning that we put loooots of carbs into my diet to boost my metabolism to the absolute maximum again and I feel absolutely great with my battery fully charged. 

My training program also changed a little and I'm now to able to lift heavier with fewer reps, exactly what I love...Training hard and dirty, hell yes. I seriously hope to keep this routine for the shredding phase or depleting-phase as well. For me, there is nothing more annoying than high reps and low weights routines, it makes the workout feel like it would never end.

Anyway, what are your plans for the weekend? I will be recovering on the couch to get back on track the next week and get motivation by my #pumpingfairies. By the way, here are my 9 favorite fitfairies from the past days.

In hopes that you are feeling great , enjoy your weekend. 
1. m.egan__ ' super cute protein pancakes
2. juliessmallworld 's lunch; pepper stuffed corn, meat and tomatoes
3. lenilo26 post workout, you deserve to couchpotatoe at home hihi
4. caro_rouge in her super fancy piba tights
5. li.aah gets in shape for summer 
6. xeniia_93 stay strong, you can do it sweetheart. 
7. t_veronique being totally nike-addicted 
8. retnaz_claire532 on her legday
9. pia_fit03 , you are totally right abouut reposting this. make time to workout!

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