Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Morning Cardio: Check

My view this morning.

How are you? Are you awake? 
My day started great today even if I already hit a 30min HIIT workout this morning, BEFORE breakfast. This was the first time ever in my life that I went for a run on an empty stomach and I didn't gave up.

Normally I have a very low blood pressure in the morning, especially when I haven't been able to eat something. That's also the main reason why I usually hit the gym in the afternoon because my body needs a wee bit time and some meals to get off the stick. I have no idea why. I have already been at the doctor's to check my thyroid, and what came out was a small thyroid dysfunction, which isn't that bad and not even the reason why I have such a low blood pressure in the mornings, as I also take adequate medicine. And of course I have also been in so many blood analysis but nothing came out... I am lacking for nothing, so I just think that I am hypotensive and that my body needs a tiny bit to pick up pace. 

Because of all that, I was a bit afraid yesterday when J-M.B. (my coach) told me that I have to do intervals on an empty stomach right after getting out of bed and taking my nitro-stak/glutamine shake with my bcaa and my fat-burner. I know, usually when you say 'empty stomach', it's a real empty stomach. But this ''cocktail'' prevents my muscles from injury and gives me a little boost to get through the workout and the rest of the day. 

And this is how my morning-cardio session looked like:

  • 10 minutes warmup: jogging at a moderate pace to the place I will hit my hiit.
  • 30 minutes Hiit : 3 min / 1 min , meaning 3 minutes of moderate jogging, 1 minute sprint uphill, 3 minutes jogging while going downhill to spurt uphill again for 1 minute and so on.
  • 10 minutes cool-down: jogging at an easy pace back home. 
Of course I have already taken a shower before writing this post, I am not a stinky gremlin, I am a fairy... hihi. 
I think that's the best feeling after finishing your workout, a nice cold shower that cools you down while waking you up and making you feel energized again.
You can't imagine how happy I am that I made it through this whole workout. I never thought that I would be able to workout on an empty stomach without fainting. Yes, I am proud of myself right now. And I am glad that , for one time, I believed in myself.

But there is more to come that makes this day even better. I run the chance to have a collaboration with a new but already very famous fitness-app... That's all I am saying, I don't want to spoil the surprise, so stay tuned my lovely fitfam. 

Enjoy your day and always believe in yourself. xX
Goliath says hello to you. He also swam some round in his aquarium hihi

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