Montag, 22. September 2014

Shred Program

Good evening sweethearts.

Today my lovely boyfriend and I had our first ''shred-check-up'' at our coach's. Well to start with, I didn't made any big progress as we haven't changed that much concerning my diet plan and my training plan. But... my form improved a wee bit more. Sometimes it's better to get a little butt-kick that reminds you that only hard work pays off and that you can't make something out of nothing.
'' No pain, no gain'', right? 

So, concerning my diet-plan... We reduced my protein- & carb-intake a little on low-carb days because we have to decrease my calories a tiny weeny bit to get rid of the last water retentions and body-fat. As far as my carb-days go, we also cut down the carb-&protein-intake, meaning that we replaced the spelt bread with quinoa-puffed-rice-crackers and less quinoa for lunch. 

In terms of training.. pheeww... That's going to be rough for me. I will tell you why: 
Usually I hit a 40-min-HIIT workout after every gym-session, which was already exhausting to be honest. NOW, I have to do a 30-min-HIIT workout right after getting up and BEFORE having breakfast. I don't like that kind of stuff haha. I am such a grouch when it comes to cardio, especially in the morning, and on an empty stomach. So I absolutely have to pull myself together and get through those morning cardio sessions. 
And as if this wasn't enough already, I have to hit a 10-minute warm-up before every gym session (fortunately we reduced the warm-up by 5-minutes) and additionally a 20-min-HIIT after my gym-session. Pooh... Things are getting pretty tough from now on. 

I am already looking forward to the next check-up. I am convinced that I will show better results again now that my program has become even stricter. I will keep you up to date of course. 
Have a great new week and make it big. xX 

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