Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

Why I started blogging

Well, my blog already exists 6 months , therefor I ought to explain you why I actually started this blog, and why actually a fitness/health related blog. 

If you follow me since the beginning of all this, you should know that I am really addicted to sports, mostly girly sports. When I was a little fairy I used to do gymnastics , then I had to stop because of my back (#gymnasticsproblems) and because I wanted a new challenge, so I started dancing. Then I came up with the idea of pole-dancing,due to my lovely sister. So I taught myself pole-dancing, which wasn't a big deal as I was still very flexible and had a pretty good coordination and body tension due to gymnastics and dancing.

After 5 or 6 years of dancing (hip-hop,ballet, jazz etc) and 2 years of pole-dancing (including teaching pole-dance classes) , well I started to hit the gym. And of course I was a real newbie. Now that I have some kind of experience and knowledge, I throw my hands up in horror when I look back upon my gym-session. I never left the gym earlier than 2 or even 3 hours... I mostly did cardio and some kind of weight-exericise on machines and far too many crunches, planks etc. 

Suddenly I met my prince charming, Sir Ken from Dumbbell, who taught me everything about fitness and a healthy way of life. I became more and more interested in fitness, lifting weights, healthy diets, healthy eating-habits and so on. And that's where it all began. I started posting everything on my private Facebook account, when I discovered Instagram I shared my fitness-sessions, my meals and also some stuff of my private life with other people. By the time I discovered that there are such things as bikini-competitions , so I found a new commitment.

But after a while I didn't want to spam my private profile with all my fitness-related stuff...Therefor I decided to create this facebook-page which should be only about my journey to my first bikini-competition. (The same goes for my IG-profile). I realized that by creating this page and a new style of IG-profile I became even more motivated, and I also motivated other people with my results, my dedication and my devotion for weight-lifting and hitting the gym. I didn't want to only share my fitness-life, I also wanted to help people , to share my knowledge, my interests and my experience with them. And that was the moment my Fitness-blog was born.

And here we are...
Having already so many followers on IG, on Facebook and a lot of views every day and from all over the world. I am so overwhelmed that I motivated so many other girls to get up and start working out again. Every time I get asked questions, I am truly thankful that those girls trust in me and ask me for help, or advice or even just to get some new motivation because they think they are not improving. 

Ladies (and gentlemen), you are so amazing and I am very happy to have you as my followers or readers. Keep up the good work at the gym and always seek for more.
Today's dying-selfie after my Legsession

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