Samstag, 27. September 2014

Pole Dance

Me doing the Butterfly

Hi sweetie.

Some of you may have noticed that I am not only hitting the gym 5 times a week, but I also teach pole-dance classes for beginners, and I train for myself at least once a week. You may think that I am overtraining, but since I was used to dance everyday, I missed this so much. Of course I love to hit the gym and lift heavy weights, but sometimes I really need that kind of distraction from all that competition-stuf, simply to free my mind and to switch off the world, without thinking of the competition date that comes closer and closer. (aarrghhhh...) 

While there are still so many prejudices against pole-dance I wanted to clear things up. Because I know that a lot of people think that I am a striper or that I am a gogo-girl, which I am obviously not. 
Of course, pole dancing is associated with strip clubs and dance clubs, but pole dancing is not only about dancing around a pole. It is actually a form of performance art and a very heavy sport that combines dance and acrobatics centered around a vertical pole. 

Since the 2000's, promoters of pole dance fitness competitions (yes such things exist) have been trying for so long to change people's perception of pole dance and to promote it as a NON-SEXUAL form of dance and acrobatics. Initially, pole dance has been influenced by Chinese pole, you know that kind of 'pole-dancing' you see at 'le cirque du soleil'. 

Everyone who every tried pole-dancing knows that it requires strength, flexibility, technique and endurance. Plus, it involves athletic moves such as climbs, spins and body inversions using the limbs to grip (which mostly lead to bruises or blisters hihi). To attain proficiency you need upper body and core strength and rigorous training. 
Nowadays, it is more and more seen as a form of exercise that can be used as an aerobic or anaerobic workout. 

If you are from Luxembourg and always wanted to try pole-dance, you can join me every Saturday from 10.30 am to 11.30 am at Pole&Aerial Art in Differdange. All you need are shorts and a shirt, and of course a good mood.

See you... xX
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  1. Voll cool Süße *-* die Bilder sind auch einfach toll....
    Das wäre auch noch mal eine Sache die mich wirklich interessiert :)

    Lieben Gruß Melina

    1. hey!
      Ja das macht auch total spass! Wenn du kannst dann probier es mal aus!

      xx :)