Dienstag, 2. Dezember 2014

Mr.&Ms Universe 2014, Hamburg

I am back from Hamburg and I have so much to tell you...
But let's start from the beginning. We hit the road over the night to arrive earliest possible on Friday. This made us one of the first teams to arrive at the check-in and registration hotel. Unfortunately we had to wait around 3 hours until our rooms were ready. Being super tired these 3 hours seemed infinite. Initially I wanted to go to visit the Christmas markets, but we were all so tired that we decided to stay and take a nap between our meals(eat,sleep,repeat hehe). Later that day, Ken and I put on the cream tan, let it air-dry and went straight to bed , as we had to get up very early.

On D-Day the alarm woke me up at 5.30am. After I was done with my hair and make-up, we packed the most essential things for the big day and left for the competition at the 'TriBühne' in Norderstedt, Hamburg. The competition took the entire Saturday as the prejudging was in the morning and the finals in the early evening. My class was the second one on the schedule,so I immediately had to put on my bikini for the first round. Vincent (a team-mate, great athlete and kinesiologist) helped me out with the last tanning layer and with my warm-up. For the second round, which was in the early evening, I wore my brand-new dress which I ordered only a week ago. The third round was only a short line-up in the bikini again and the prize-giving.

I have to admit that the level was very very high. I knew that the standards would be a lot higher than in Rheinbach and Eupen as it was an international competition, but I never expected the level to be pro-like. I still can't believe that I could be part of this competition in my first season.
I met a lot of wonderful athletes that weekend who inspired and motivated me with their physique and wisdom.

I can't begin to tell you how happy and proud I am that I got the chance to compete at the NAC International Mr.&Ms.Universe. But this would not have been possible if I wasn't surrounded by such great people. 
My biggest THANK YOU goes to my family and my lovely boyfriend for supporting me and tolerating me when I was bitching around or when I was grumpy all day long because I cut down on carbs haha. It's hard to keep up with me when I am grumpy, on the edge and tired at the same time... I can be a real pain in the neck, so sorry for that. 

And my heartfelt thanks to my coach, Jean-Marie Bermer from Powerfood's J-M.B, because of whom I could witness a considerable first season and acquire so many legendary experiences. He taught me a lot of things I didn't know about a real diet, discharge, charge, water depletion and about my training sessions. He encouraged me all the time, never mind if this was a little metaphorical butt-kick to motivate me again. I am really grateful to be part of this team, which makes such competitions even more fun as we are always having a great time together.

In the end I didn't get a placing at all, but I participated knowing that I would look a bit 'de trop' on stage, compared to the other athletes. Primarily I went for the experience and to see what the level would be like. Now that I know what the standards are (not only at the Universe), I can start the next season with much more determination, knowing what I am working for. I am determined to grow bigger muscles and lean down for the next season which will be in April. I want to step op stage with a whole better shape as there will be some very important competitions for me. The next season will be mine. FOCUS!

P.S For further pictures, visit my Facebook-page
Backstage, before the first round
Back pose
Round 2: evening dress
Round 2: evening dress
Taking some shots after the first round
Posing in front of the big trophies
NAC Luxembourg Team Powerfood's J-M.B


  1. It must have been a great experience and so cool that you got to represent our country! I have to say that reading your posts have helped me to take my fitness routine more seriously again and I'm much more motivated than I've been for the past few years.

    1. It was awesome, and I can be very proud of myself that I got the chance to participate in my first season already :)
      I am happy to hear that I motivated you to take your routines more serious :)