Dienstag, 31. März 2015

Top de Colmar 2015


Woow... that was an exciting and exhausting weekend guys. 

We hit the road at 6 in the morning and arrived at 10 am. in Colmar at the competition-facility.
Actually I thought that it would be easy to enter, register and instal our little camps. But no... there was already a huge queue in front of the entry. After more than half an hour, I could finally register and install my little camp next to my fellow team mates. Since the backstage area was quite large, it wasn't very difficult to get a good spot for everyone. 

Then the waiting started as the prejudging didn't start until 13.00 with the Men's Physique category. I had to wait longer because my turn was only at 16.00, it became a little strenuous, but the good atmosphere within our team made it much more pleasant. To my surprise the event was very well organized and they only had a delay of 10 minutes, which isn't very much if you have such an incredible number of athletes, around 30-50 per class.

When my big moment came and I stepped on stage, I was overwhelmed by this huge stage and the great audience. There were more than 40 bikini-athletes, so they had to split us up in 4 different rows. Each row was called out for the posing and afterwards asked to step back in the background so that the next row could step forward for the posing.
At the end of the first round I was so sweaty because of the spotlights. It felt like sunbathing at 30° , but a lot more exhausting as you still have to smile, strike your poses and look good even if you feel like s***.

The finals were in the early evening and my final round was at  22.00 which gave me plenty of time to cuddle up in my fluffy blanket and take a good nap of an hour. Sounds comfy, but remember that I was only lying on 2 yoga mats... on the floor...
After my snooze, I first entered the audience area and realized that it looked somewhat like a fitness exposition with different stands from different brands.Well, I knew that my coach had a stand too, but I didn't know that there would be so many and when you're standing on stage you are not likely to check out the background of the audience, plus you don't even see it because you get blinded by the lights.

But let's get over to the interesting part now...
To make it quick: I didn't place top5 nor top10.
But I am still satisfied with myself and with my performance. I knew that the level would be very high and that I probably wouldn't have the shape to get a Top10 ranking, but I rather prefer not to get a Top10 placing and share the stage with great athletes, than to place Top10 while the level isn't high.

If you've made the decision to participate in such competitions, you have to be a fair 'loser' because you will get it in the neck more than you expect before you can finally develop the physique to qualify or even get a Top10 ranking. This kind of sport is about developing yourself and about overcoming yourself... Okay I know it's great when you place well, I experienced this myself, but it's even greater if you can compare yourself to the prior season and realize that you improved and that you made it once again. 

If you manage to step on stage with your own, best possible shape, then you are already your own winner. A good ranking is just like the cherry on the top.

To see more pictures, checkout my  Facebook-page this evening.

In hopes to see you on Saturday on my second competition, the J-M.B Open, have a great week.
Getting my tan done by my wonderful boyfriend
Olivier F. (Men's Physique) , Me, Jean-Marie B. (my coach) 

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