Montag, 9. Februar 2015

Impressions Of a Fairy's Weekend

Annoyed because my hair was so electric this weekend...

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special, or just couch-potatoeing at home?
Compared to the last weekend I was highly productive.
If you have been on my Instagram-account lately, you already know that Saturday was kind of an exciting day for me. Along with other bloggers from Luxembourg, I was interviewed by our local TV-channel, namely RTL, about the development of the blogger-scene here in little Luxembourg. The interview was held in a very original cafe called 'Konrad', which I haven't know until Saturday. Honestly, I was so excited because being interviewed without knowing what they are about to ask you is pretty thrilling. But so far, I think that we did a pretty good job and we all had a lot of fun with Nora M. interviewing us. I hope that we will see each other again very soon. Even though the others were enjoying delicious pieces of cake, cookies, lattes or hot chocolate, I was just sitting there with my lunch-boxes by 6PackFitness and eating my raspberries and drinking water. I will surely go back to try out their cakes and cookies when the season is over in 3 or 4 months.

On Sunday I actually wanted to be part of a pole-dance workshop again, but I didn't feel very well so I had to cancel my participation. It was a special workshop just for Valentine's day. I always enjoy the time at workshops as the atmosphere is always very enjoyable and familiar. 
If you are in search for a great studio for aerial arts in Luxembourg, I highly recommend Pole&Aerial Art in Differdange. We offer poledance classes of every level, combo and choreography classes for poledancing, aerial hoop classes and on Saturday you can stretch to the max in the 'Extreme Flex'-class.

So the only thing I did on Sunday was watching 'Batman begins', drinking some teas and preparing my meals for the next week. We only have 8 weeks left until my first competition for 2015. I am really looking forward how far I can get and how shredded I will turn out to be at the end of the season. I am happy that my coach was satisfied with my form on last week's check-up and that my arms, shoulders and back improved within 2 week. Let's hope that I will improve that way for the next 8 weeks too.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and had a great start into the new week so far.
During the interview. Isn't that pic cute of Yayavanchique?
Yep we are taking picture of taking pictures of a picture. #bloggerissues
Mealprepping on my sunday evening #routine
Happily our FlavorGod seasonings arrived. Checkout the review here.


  1. ^^ Deng Hambier haaten awer och gudd ausgesinn. Muss mer och mol gefrueren Uebst kaafe goen.

    1. Jo du kriss se am cactus och, fannen se wann se fresch sin awer besser wlel se dann net su sauer sin. Gefrueren erdbieren sin vum goût hier ganz ok, just halt mätscheg wann se enteet sin.


  2. Ehi Jennifer, I am already following you for a while but never commented. I am really touched by your motivation and energy! I put a lot of efforts in my gym regime but it is not really easy to conjugate it with my social life :(
    You are doing a great job!


    1. Hey there!
      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for that great positive feedback. i am happy to hear that I touched you with my motivation.
      I totally understand you, that's what I always say, when you're trying to change something, like me from normal gym-visits to now competing, I had to give up a lot of things (friends, going out, going out for dinner etc). But you should always remember why you are doing it and you can always adapt your social life to it, even if it's not the same as before. When you're friends are real friends an support and accept your lifestyle then they shouldn't have a problem adapting to it as well to meet you.

      Don't lose your motivation because of this and keep going my dear!