Freitag, 6. Februar 2015


Another week has passed and the start of the new season is getting closer and closer... 

This year it will be a very long season which will start on the 28th of March in with the 'Top de Colmar' in France , then the J-M.B Open in Differdange (Luxembourg) which is also a qualification for the World championships in Warsaw (Poland) and, hopefully, the Miss FIBO Power Beauty-contest (you can vote HERE for me once a day ).
After the FIBO-competition I can carb up a little up before shredding again for the West-German Qualification for the International Championship in Rheinbach (Germany), which is on the 10th of May. If I get to qualify, I have to bear up until the end of May. So to sum it up, this season will start on the 28th of March and finish the 30th of May, 2 months of shredding... Challenge excepted!

Therefore I am more than happy to have such a great fit-army who supports and motivates me in every possible way. If you are not on holidays at the beginning of April, you are cordially invited to come to the J-M.B Open championship to support local athletes. You can already reserve your tickets at the Powerfood's J-M.B shop or send him an email (contact here). 

Oh... by the way, here are my #pumpingfairy favorites of the week. If you need motivation or support on your journey , feel free to join us by hash-tagging your fitness&health-related posts on Instagram with #pumpingfairy and get the chance to be featured on my Facebook-page, Instagram-account and of course here on the blog. 

Have a great weekend and enjoy your cheat-meals ( I see everything *sneaky-laugh*)
1. My super yummy and delicious selfmade potato-chips, spiced with Flavor God seasonings
2. xeniia_93 on her way to the gym
3. travel.jill doing some exercises on the ball, looks like a lot of fun
4. sarah_48612 had a little workout again after her cold. Hope you are feeling better by now.
5. sopheylicious 's 'what's in my bag'. I love your pink shoes, so pretty.
6. aline_janie sharing her heavenly red-berries-brownies with us.
7. lauragetsfit.14 had instant oats with strawberries and some apples for breakfast along with a cozy tea.
8. alexscastle 's oatmeal, made with almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla protein powder and of course oats.
9. pia_fit03 had a little curd-ball as a cheat on Sunday. Mhhm how I love those pastries around the carnival season.

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