Freitag, 13. Februar 2015


Hey guys, how was your week?
Have you been productive or just doing the usual stuff?

My week was like always... lifting heavy in the gym, meal prepping and going to work. And I even had a rest day this week, on Wednesday. Normally I don't rest during the week and take my rest days on the weekends,as the it's the only time I can do other things than working, mealprepping and training.

But this week I had to, because my boyfriend and I are going to hit a gym-session with out coach.. and guess when...On Saturday...Valentine's day. Thus, instead of going out for dinner, which wasn't really an option as I have to stick to my diet-plan, and Ken has a night-shift that starts at 9pm already, we are going to have a badass 'romantic' heavy weightlifting session at our coach's personal home-gym in the early afternoon.

I think I will need a walking support for the whole next week as I am going to hit my second leg-session, which is already heavier than the first one. I am going to die...
Even though, I am already looking forward because I want to know if I am training heavy enough or not, and if my form is always propper or if there are still some tiny improvements to be done. 

So while I am all of a dither and curious about our 'valentine's session' , what are your plans for the day of love this weekend? Hitting the gym with your beloved, going out for dinner, preparing a beautiful candle-light-dinner at home...?

I also thought that it would be kind of a cool idea to have a special  #pumpingfairy edition. Therefor, instead of the usual #pumpingfairy hashtag I ask you to use the valentine's hashtag #lovefairy to create a special valentine's day edition for next Friday. Oh and I almost forgot to tell you that we can welcome the first BOY , Stefan l. , in our little army which seems to grow slowly.

Spread the word my lifting fairies.
1. Flouwelsch 's post gym selfie 
2. Stefan2186 on a late night training session
3. Sarah_48612 is happy to have a small gym at her working place
4. Myveganlife85 at 7am in the gym. that's what I call motivation.
5. Xeniia_93 won her fight against oreo cookies. That's a really tough battle, I am proud of you hihi
6. Lauragetsfit.14 is visibly progressing. Keep up the good work girl!
7. Aline_janie created some delicious protein pancakes. nomnomnom
8. Mary__b preparing her meals for the week. That's how it works. 
9. Alexscastle has been on a new 'diet' since last weeks and her results speak for themselves. great work honey.

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