Montag, 16. Februar 2015

Impressions of the J-M.B Legday

Finally I managed to upload my very first HQ video on my YouTube channel... weehhh

As I bought a new camera weeks ago, the Sony alpha 5100 (get it here), I can now video-tape some of my workouts and share them with you in a HD-Quality. 
I know that I still have to improve my film editing-skills, but I think as a first attempt, it hasn't turned out that bad. And my lovely sister did a very good job video-taping me, didn't she?

Even though I have to figure out how to solve the problem with that switch between landscape-&vertical-format... That's kind of annoying if you always have to bend your head. I should have read the operating instructions of the camera first, oops. 

I am also thinking about sharing some impressions of my preparation once a week to give you a more realistic and personal insight of my journey. What do you think?

If you have any suggestions or tips on how to improve my video-shoots,I am always open to a constructive feedback.Enjoy the movie and don't forget to leave a comment on my new-born YouTube-Fairy-Channel.

Much love, your Lifting Fairy.

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