Freitag, 27. Februar 2015


#TGIF... right?
Normally I am not a person who waits for the weekend from Monday on, because although I have to get up early on weekends in order to not mess with my body's rhythm, I love every day of the week because I am working out 6 times a week so that's not a problem for me.
But THIS week, I felt so sluggish and lazy and tired all the time that even after taking my super duper booster I still felt lethargic. I know that I have a little vitamin D deficiency, but I am not sure if that's the problem or not. I have to work it out with my coach this weekend, maybe he has some tips on how to fight this tiredness.

Fortunately (perish the thought!!), I didn't catch any flu or cold , because my whole surrounding is slowly ''fading away'' due to bacterial or viral infections. I just try to stay away from such people and avoid bigger crowds... Yep the time to become super antisocial starts again haha

I always tell people that when the competition season is coming closer that I am becoming very anti social. First of all I don't have the time nor the energy to go somewhere as I am busy working, training and meal prepping; Second wherever you go is delicious food, whether you go on a shopping spree (when your company wants to have a coffee at a super delicious cupcake bar) or at the cinema (oh gosh I want candies...) and of course in the restaurant. Yes I know you can also have a healthy meal in the restaurant, but I have to weigh out my food... and I can't start taking out my scale to weigh the meat, carbs and veggies... Even if the face of the waiter would be worth it ;) Seriously have to try this once the season is over,just for the sake of fun.
But until then, no social life for me... #athletescanrelate

 I am more than thankful that social media exists, so that I can still keep in touch with the world
This weekend we also have our annual team meeting at the Powerfood's J-M.B shop , where our president and coach , JMB, is going to introduce our new team members and we are talking about this year's competitions and who can pitch in for the J-M.B Open. If you know someone or if you maybe want to help us, just leave a note, we are happy about every helping hand for this event. 

Before I am starting my weekend , filled with a meeting, gym visits and meal prepping, here are my 9 favorite pumping fairies of the week.
1. t_veronique  is all happy about the new arrival. Awesome color!
2. carolegoerend , you can be so proud about your transformation! Keepup the good work. 
3. mary__b has fish for lunch
4. lauragetsfit.14 got herself a new pair of fancy running shoes by brooks.  
5. m.egan__ enjoying and making us so jealous with epic piece of heaven
6. xeniia_93 and her better bodies pants. Love them!
7. jimmy_nutella smiling for the camera hehe (#sorrynotsorry hrhr)
8. urbanvalyou after her JMB workouts. I know how you feel sweetheart! 
9. caro_rouge on her legday, go get'em 
There is no denying that the fitness competition industry is growing. More and more people are taking the plunge to go through a competition prep and step on stage for the very first time. New organizations are popping up to cater to the ever growing crowd and with the help of the internet we have access to some of the newest, latest and most up to date information in regards to, training, nutrition, and supplementation. Of course, on top of this it is now much easier to access coaches all around the world who have the formal education and experience to back up their coaching protocols. - See more at:

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