Freitag, 20. Februar 2015


Who has some exciting and interesting plans for the weekend? 

I will accompany my sister to my coach as she is going to have her very first official check up after the first two weeks. Comey handy because I also need to check my form and body fat percentage as we only have 5 weeks left for the 'Top de Colmar' in France, which is my opening-competition for this season.

After the check up, I will hit my pump-day in the gym and Sammie will come with me to video-tape my workout since I realized that I mostly record my leg sessions... Perhaps because it's my absolute favorite training-routine.

Besides from that, I am delighted to tell you that we can count another boy in our pumpingfairy gang this week , which is a good thing as boys can also be very motivating when it comes to reaching a goal. 
And while there have been some questions, I wanted to clear some things up: EVERYONE can join our little fitfam, expect for haters, nay-sayers etc, meaning all negative people... Because we want to motivate and support each other, right? Feel free to join us by simply using the hashtag #pumpingfairy for your fitness-&health related posts on your Instagram account (make sure it's public so I can find you).

In the hopes that you are going to have a marvelous weekend, here are my 9 favorites of the week. Feel free to join us. 

1. jimmy_nutella cooking on the 39th day of the 12 week muscle building program.
2. caro_rouge hitting the gym on V-day.
3. myveganlife85 has decided to definitely stay on the clean eating side. I am happy for you!
4. m.egan__ enjoying her delicious sushi-cheat meal with her brother. You're making us jealous my dear hihi
5. xeniia_93 had white yoghurt with banana, blueberries and raspberries along with a green lemon tea.
6. sarah_48612 chilling with her cat luna on the couch after a great workout
7. lauragetsfit.14 has bloog oranges and banana for breakfast
8. carolegoerend taking a before-leg-day-selfie
9. urbanvalyou had her first checkup yesterday


  1. I saw your video!Hey!!! Are you going to be my competitor? ;) Hahahahaa No I'm kidding! I liked your video a lot....and it would be so cool to see more of them :D Anyway I also love Jimmy Nutella he's such an inspiration and I learned a lot from him...I owe him a lot!!!! Have a nice hard byotch <3 <3 xo Yaya Van Chique

    1. Hey there!
      Haha yess of course (#justkidding)
      Although, thanks for the positive feedback and of course for stopping by.
      Yes you're right and his training sessions are badass as well!

      Hope to see you soon Queen B hehe xxxxx