Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2015

A Fairy's Essentials

Well my loves, you know that I also have a life outside of the gym, and that I am just like every other girl, I love to put on make-up. And I love to spend hours trying out different variations , but without the right equipment it doesn't work. 

 Normally I don't spend that much money on make-up stuff because I am mostly at the gym or at home recovering from my gym-sessions and preparing meals. But when I leave the house, for work or for a shopping-trip, I prefer to get dressed up a bit and put on some make-up, still I am not a fashion-grinch . 

And now that I entered the working-world, I thought it would be the perfect occasion to throw away my old low-budget-make-up-brushes and get better ones ,by DaVinci. I read a lot of positive reviews, so even though they are quite expensive, I think it's a good investment. And I definitely need better make-up brushes to put on my stage-make-up ( great jenny... go on justifying yourself..)

Of course I bought the whole set,which contains a big brush for powder-makeup, a smaller brush to apply rouge, another small brush for liquid foundations. For the eyes there are 4 different tools, a brush for the eyeshadow, one for the eyeliner or thinner lines, a blender and also a brush for your lashes and eyebrows. And not to forget a very tiny brush to put your lipstick and draw thin lines to make your lips' form stand out even more.

I was amazed by the brushes at the first try, they feel so soft and smooth. It's so much easier to apply your makeup with good brushes and my 'everyday-smokey-eyes' turned out to be absolutely fantastic (in my opinion, as I am not a professional). 

I can't wait for the competition-season to begin. I kind of love those preparation-rituals before the big moment, when you get up early (even if I hate getting up early) , wash your hair, style your hair, and then start with your make-up.Maybe you remember that I hired a professional makeup artist for my first competition (post here)? Well, I draw some inspiration from that makeup for the two following competitions. And as I will spend my morning at the hairdresser's already to get my hair perfectly done (for the J-M.B Open here in Luxembourg), I am not sure if I should put on the make-up myself again or not...

What do you think? 
If you have any suggestions concerning make-up artist that come to my home, please let me know. 
For the blush
For the Foundation
The eyeshadow-brush and the grinder
Everyday-smokey eyes
Tiny brush for your lips
My daily make-up
The final result


  1. Hey Jennifer, I already suggested you on FB my make-up artist (Henrietta). She did my "soiree'" make up couple of times and my wedding make up was perfect. She is also working for fashion show, so she is really cool.

    Good to know about the make up brushes, I want to buy some new soon and I think it is good investing in some cool brand!


    1. Hey there!

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Yes I am still thinking about it as I already have to be at the hairdresser's at 8am... Stil have to check this, but thanks for the tip.
      Yes the brushes are amazing, you can contact me via FB , I can order them for you if interested.