Montag, 16. März 2015

Back On Track

The view from the 22nd floor of our building, simply fantastic. The other side is even better, more natural

Here I am , filled with energy and motivation.
Maybe you've noticed that I was absent the entire past week as I caught a very bad virus, which deprived me from working out and from being overall active.

I was lying on the couch, wrapped up like a burrito in my bathrobe and a cozy fluffy blanket, watching my series all day long. The only time I moved was when I had to prepare and cook my breakfast, lunch or dinner... For the rest I remained the blanket-burrito. 

Some of you might think that it's not THAT bad to stay home, sleep longer and don't have to work. But for me it was a nightmare because I couldn't workout either and that made me quite grumpy since the first competition is in two weeks now.

But now my battery is fully charged ; and so I got back on track during today's lunch break as I lost an entire week of training. I put on my workout clothes, my nikes, power-beats, selected my bad-ass hardcore play list while walking down the stairs of the skyscraper (which has 24 floors) I am working in and hit a nice cardio session. 

I ran up and down all the floors from -2 to 22 four times , which counts up to 960 stairs up and 960 down. Although I was totally done when I arrived the 4th time at -2 , I still had to go upstairs to the 13th floor again to get out of the staircase without releasing the alarm. So this equals 1.090 stairs up and 960 down and a LOT of sweat. 
After a good hot shower I went back up again from -1 , but this time with the elevator. After all I didn't take the shower to sweat my office-clothes afterwards. 

And guess what, in the early evening I still have to train my legs and hit another cardio session . The next 4 weeks are going to be the toughest I will ever experience in my life I think. Last season I only did 3 competitions with a 'break' of 2-4 weeks each time. But this season I have 3 competitions within 3 weeks, followed by a 'break' of 3 weeks, then 1 competition and afterwards again a 'break' of 3 weeks and hopefully  finish my season with the world championships in Warsaw, Poland. 

Let's train for the best. 
Have a great week.
I definitely had to lay down for that one or another minute after this insane workout

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