Mittwoch, 11. März 2015

Review: IcanIwill

Black Machine 

You must be already annoyed by all those reviews, but there are so many awesome different gym apparel brands that have such great designs that I HAVE TO try and review them, in order to let you know if the quality is worth the money.

So here we go for another one: IcanIwill... Have you already heard of them before?
Accidentally I found their profile on... guess where... yes Instagram again. 
Instantly I was in love with their designs as they also kind of remind me of my PIBA tights. And you know that I love extraordinary gym outfits, don't you?(The same goes for my fashionable sister )

So after scrolling through their website and reading several reviews,we finally decided to order a pair of tights for each of us. I am always happy when I can find a review about a product I have never heard before, especially when it's about tights. I always want to know beforehand whether they get kind of transparent when you squat or not... I think there is nothing more embarrassing than tights that get transparent when you do your squats or lunges. After all nobody wants to see what color your undies are at the gym right?

As there haven't been a lot of choices, regarding the sizes that were left, we finally went for the 'Black Machine' tights in size S, after checking their size guide. I think that every online shop should have a size guide, it makes it so much easier to get the right one. But not the usual size guide where you can compare the different sizes from different countries, but a size guide with measurements in cm or inches. That's simply the easiest and safest way to chose the perfect size for your purchase.

Within three days , our parcel arrived... It was delivered way faster than expected, so a BIG PLUS for their shipping! Talking about the shipping, the costs weren't that high... I think about 9€ approximately, which is fair enough for such a fast delivery. Our tights were already packed and send out the day we placed our order.

As foreseeable I had to try them immediately...I am such a patient person, #sorrynotsorry.
At first they seemed a little too small, but I knew from my PIBA tights that they are going to adapt while moving and training, which was the same with the IcanIwill tights.
On Monday then, as some of you have already seen on my Instagram and Facebook-page, I kicked a leg-session in my brand new 'Black Machine' tights (this sounds already so bad-ass, doesn't it?)

*drumrolls*... They are squat-proved and don't get transparent at all! And As previously said, once you start your training routine, the fabric adapts to your shape and they instantly feel like a second skin. The perfect thing to feel comfortable while torturing yourself. 

Let me know what you think about my reviews, also the previous ones. I am always open for a constructive  feedback.