Montag, 2. März 2015

Review for your bubble butt


Here I am again my peepz
Did you have a great weekend?Mine was super filled with awesome stuff... 
On Friday I hit a super nice pump session at the gym, Saturday was filled with a very early gym session and our annual Team meeting during lunch break, with Elena Shportun showing us her new competition suit collection and jewels. And Sunday was again pumping time and you can have a look at it here .

I am not going to keep talking about my weekend , so head get over to the interesting part. 
Last week I decided that it was time to get some new pants. That was already the first problem because I HATE shopping for new pants. I think everyone with a bubble butt knows what I am talking about and feels me... right? 
It's really difficult to find pants that fit your butt and your waist. I know that I am not the slimmest, but still my waist is way more slim that my hips or butt, to get things clear. 
So every time when I' m in search of new pants I turn into a very evil and grumpy little gremlin... You can ask my sister. Going on a shopping spree for pants with me is a real challenge and you need nerves of steel to survive it. I am not exaggerating at all!

Thus I decided to order pants by Freddy, the ones I saw so many times on other bikini athletes that have a bubble butt as well. And as they looked so comfy and seemed to fit perfectly, I didn't waste any more time and ordered two pairs of them:  the WR.UP Skinny jeans to be precise. 

As the pants came from Italy, I didn't have to pay a lot of shipping (around 12€). If you click on ßother EU countriesß, they are also delivered to Luxembourg, which I didn't know at the beginning.
Now the problem was 'which size?'. I wasn't sure about the size at all because usually Italian sizes are a lot smaller than normal European sizes. But they had a size guide, so problem solved. I went for size S and hoped for the best...

After a week the parcel already arrived and I was so excited to get my Freddy pants.
My first thought ' OMG they are WAY TOO SMALL!' ... But then I realized that they were very stretch and remembered that they are made from around 20% elastan. 
I put them on and tadaaa... the perfect fit. They felt so comfy right away that I have worn them for the rest of the day, even at home. And normally I only wear my sweatpants at home. 

Even now, I am wearing them... Seriously, I will never ever buy any other pants again. I found the perfect brand, the perfect fit and the perfect cut for my bubble but. 

That said, have a marvelous new week.

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  1. Sehr schöne Bilder.
    Die Hose könnt ihr bei mir im shop erwerben