Freitag, 20. März 2015


Only one week and one day left until this year's season starts with my first competition in France, the 'Top de Colmar'.

I can't wait for this season to start, since I am so grumpy all the time and feeling weaker and weaker day by day... I noticed it already on Monday during my leg-workout. But I think this was also because I was sick the week before, so maybe my battery wasn't fully charged by Monday. 

For almost every exercise I had to decrease my usual weights and really had to force myself through the reps. Same goes for Tuesday, which is also one of my favorite days as it's back-shoulders and back. 
You remember when I told you the first season and prep will be the hardest? Well, I guess I was totally wrong because I don't remember that I felt like sh** during my first contest prep. Which is actually a very good sign because, as my coach always states: 'the worse you feel the better your physique will be' and that sounds pretty comprehensible and logical to me.

On Tuesday I also realized that I have some baby veins that are slowly popping out, I know some girls think it's ugly but it's a good sign that your shredding phase is working and it's , for me at least , some kind of treat for the hard work in the gym and the strict diet over the last weeks. 

I am already looking forward to tomorrow as I will have a refeed day again, the last one probably. But this also depends on my shape on Saturday's checkup. If my coach is satisfied I can have my usual carb day and I will be a sweet gismo gremlin... If not well, you know what happened to the other gremlins in the movie, don't you?

But even while I am on my shredding phase I am still happy and I love to checkout how healthy my fellow pumpingfairies are eating and how consistently you are working out, just like my 9 favorites of the week. 

If you haven't joined us yet, simply use the hashtag #pumpingfairy on your Instagram account , for your fitness-&health related post like gymselfies, your cheatmeals, workouts, transformations, new gym clothes or whatsoever.

Keep up the good work people.

1. bonditobrazil having dessert time
2. caro_rouge and her new 'friend' the bosu ball
3. adrianamendes9 pumping in the gym
4. retnaz_claire532 hitting the gym
5. jimmy_nutella 's first meal on a plate since several weeks. I feel you!
6. sarah_48612 's transofmration, she lost 20kh, you can be so proud of yourself. Kepe up the good work!
7. alain_greiveldinger doing some cardio
8. xxbeliieberxx flexing her arms
9. m.egan__ 's epic delicious cheatmeal. Enjoy!

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